12 May 2015


On my way to the cardiac rehab meeting via Pets at Home, I was going through Saltwood when a van came the other way, over my side of the road, and bang.

It took out the entire right side of the Insignia including both wheels.

The resultant crash into the kerb took out the front left tyre and both alloy wheels damaged.

Of course, the van driver denied it was his fault, but as all the skid marks are on my side of the white line I reckon it proves he was over it.

One of the reasons for carrying a camera in the car.

Doesn't look too bad in this light.

My skid marks well on my side of the road.

White centre line perfectly visible amongst the skid mark rubber. Interestingly the van passenger is enjoying his Pepsi in a fast-food cup and straw..... Maybe the driver had one when driving!

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