14 January 2022

Run to the Jet Wash

Today I could take it no longer. Not quite cabin fever as I have been out and about on foot and in the car. But!

Today was sunny ☀️ and after taking the Kappa screen to the DPD Pickup shop and to have a walk over the White Cliffs with Claire and Reggie, I needed to get out.

Once back I pulled Vera out and looked at the mud and crap covering the bottom half of the bike. A quick ride to Seabrook Garage and £4 in the jet wash later and Vera was nice and clean.

The problem though is with it being sunny, it was only 8°C and the water wasn't going to dry too easily. In the end I needed to get out and let the wind blow dry Vera.

To that end a quick ride to Stelling Minnis and the Murco petrol station. Cheapest petrol around and although now sadly converted to E10. 

Then back home for a late lunch.

13 January 2022

Kappa Airstream - KAF3105

It will be going back tomorrow for a refund. Itooks as though the importers have changed and they gave been shoddy.

M&P will send me a label and I have to find where DPD have a courier shop that takes parcels into their system.

Once back in Swansea I will get a refund.


TCX Explorer Boots

Whilst cleaning my boots after a particularly wet and muddy trip out I noticed the the heel on the left boot is starting to pull away from the upper. 

Luckily in Hythe we still have a little kiosk that does key cutting and shoe repairs. So in it went today. Back Monday.

Despite being almost 8 years old you'd hardly guess that age when looking at them.

Unfortunately, recently the gear change patch on the left boot has worn away the top skin but otherwise they are a tight and pretty inflexible pair still!!! Plus the Goretex is 100% waterproof.

A worn gear change patch isn't the first time it has happened.  When I bought the original pair in 2013 I had the Triumph Explorer 1200 whose gear change was as soft as an angel's kiss. It wore through on "The Ashes Tour" to Scotland.

This time I think it is the Kettle's harder gear change that is the culprit. 

It'll cost a fiver to get it fixed and it's worth it as boots are not cheap to replace. Now they I am a pensioner i have to be careful with money!

Sadly they are no longer available and the ne gen are considerably more expensive. https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/276058

MAG - TfL Motorcycle Safety Roundtable gives cause for cautious optimism

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) attended a motorcycle safety roundtable meeting hosted by Transport for London (TFL) today (13th January 2022). Motorcycle fatalities in London have shown a dramatic and welcome drop in 2021.  The reasons for this drop are still unclear, but MAG will be working with TfL to ensure the good news continues.

Provisional figures for motorcycle fatalities in 2021 show a dramatic drop by as much as 60%.  The exact figures are still not finalised, but it is clear that 2021 has been the best year on record for motorcycle fatalities.  This record is despite - or perhaps due to continued increases in motorcycling in London.

The full explanation for the reduced figures will be hard to find as many factors could be partially responsible for the figures.  MAG is keen to continue with ongoing work to maintain and improve safety for riders in the capital.

The Roundtable event was hosted by TfL and attended by Greater London MAG reps, MAG’s political team, Assembly Member Keith Prince and other motorcycling groups.

MAG’s Spen McEvoy commented: “Greater London MAG thanks TFL for today’s Roundtable and their commitment to engage with MAG moving forward. We appreciate TFL providing a contact with TFL for reporting of problem junctions/streets. We also note a recognition that tackling the issue of motorcycle theft will directly affect road safety. I was also heartened to see acceptance of the suggestion that the cycle and motorcycle design guides be combined  into a single handbook to avoid conflicts between cycle and motorcycle safety.”

Keith Prince is both a MAG member and London Assembly Member sitting as Deputy Chair of the GLA Transport Committee. Keith commented: "I’m impressed with the dramatic fall in motorcycle deaths in London last year. The officers committed to working with the London riding community to further understand the reasons for this welcome improvement, plus engaging with the delivery rider sector on safety issues, and treating all two-wheeler users fairly and without discrimination. Overall, this meeting was results-orientated in a very tangible way.”

There will be further meetings scheduled to develop plans discussed in the meeting, and to coordinate a co-operative approach to making London’s roads safer for all road users.

11 January 2022

Kappa Airstream - KAF3105

Well that was a complete balls-up. DPD delivered the screen in a large cardboard box.

After seeing that one of the other V-Strom owners on the FB page had received half of it (!) I wanted to check.

No such luck. I only got one part as well. 

Marvellous. I called them immediately and was pretty much fobbed off. I will be calling back in the morning to get a label to send it back for a refund. As one of the other Stromers already has.

As long as I get my money back I guess it will be okay.

9 January 2022

Hoping for better weather

Sadly the Higear Portable Power Washer didn't have the pressure to clean all the crap off the bike.

So I am going to hope that there is decent weather to get up to the jet wash at Seabrook Garage and hose it off and use the power brush to  clean the mud away.

One the worst is cleaned off I can use my new "detailing polish" on the paint and plastics.

7 January 2022

Kappa Airstream - KAF3105

Another use of the money I received in my retirement collection. There's not much left. At least it has been used to buy something that I would have bought.

Vera's standard screen is pretty good, but like the old 1150GS I owned (Mr Baloo!) it can be improved on.

Current hive thinking on the V-Strom UK site is to replace the standard with the Givi Airflow.

Similar to the GS's MRA screen (https://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/4281/3482/1600/MRA_002.jpg) it comes with a fixed lower screen and and adjustable upper screen that varies the height of the screen.

However, I saw that the Kappa version of the same screen was selling with a huge discount to clear at M&P Direct. They had stock and so I have ordered one. Fingers crossed that the online order goes through.


See what happens. Ordered it on Friday through the M&P website and waiting to see when they get around to working on it and getting it despatched.

I expect it will be later this week sometime.

Update 11th January 2022

6 January 2022

Santa Paws

Reggie and I did our bit last month and earned a piffling £40. Any they thanked us.

Thank you for taking part in the Santa Paws: 12 Jogs of Christmas Challenge to raise money to help deaf people to leave loneliness behind and reconnect with life.

Over 400 of you took part and together you have raised an incredible £22,000. This will fund the training of more amazing hearing dogs and provide life-changing services for anyone with hearing loss, such as support groups and our helpdesk.

You ran a huge variety of distances, some of you in the most amazing costumes – from Santa to penguins, and even a Christmas Turkey! And your dogs looked absolutely amazing in their bandanas!

The money you have raised by taking part will directly change deaf people's lives.


2 January 2022

Strangers on the Shore?

Not exactly.  A walk along the coast and beach along the Hythe Ranges.

Cold in the wind. I gave the Canon a rare trip out. 

1 January 2022

Kilometerfresser December

It's been a bad month. 

Total mileage for the Kettle was 0.

Total for Vera was 74 kilometres!!!

At the end of November still 107th!!