21 January 2022

ARMR Kyoto Kevlar Jeans

ARMR Kyoto KEVLAR® Lined Black Straight Leg Riding Jeans.

I seem to have become a bit of an ARMR groupie. From waterproof overtrousers to boots and now KEVLAR® lined jeans.

I wanted a lighter "summer" pair as my existing pair of KEVLAR® cargo pants are beginning to look very tatty and the Oggie 76 with their button fly are way too big.. Yes. I've only shed a tad under 2 stones (28lbs) but they are way too big. So much so I can pull them down without undoing them! Dangerous in a tumble and slide.

I have a pair of Hood Jeans. These are far thicker and heavy duty and I bought them about a year ago. I wore them a few times last year and they need "wearing in".

So when the Fat Skeleton shop's email arrived announcing their reductions I bought a pair. Still with 44" waist though.

Why? Even as a tall thin yoof I had trouble getting off the peg suits for work as my thighs and arse were always bigger than was right for my waist. So either made to measure or a bigger waist to get the bigger other areas!

At £45 plus £1.99 delivery they are a bargain. 

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