25 April 2024

MyRouteApp Navigation - Update

I had some replies to my ticket logged with MyRouteApp and also on their users forum.  None of them were all that useful until around 10pm BST tonight. See previous blog linked below...

"Have you tried installing a map, any map, onto the phone and not using the SD card....?"

The answer to that was no I haven't.

I use the SD card on the Motorola G50 for music and photo storage. Anything taken on the phone camera goes to the SD card.  I have around 60GB of music there that is an amalgamation of Amazon Music downloads and the entire iTunes library off the laptop. 

I have no problem downloading from Amazon Music if and when I buy a new album on MP3. Photos are stored without any errors.

So it never occurred to me that there could be a problem. 

There obviously is a problem though, as I tried to install "England" using the menu in the MyRouteApp. I switched off the SD card option in the app.  

Instead of it flickering on the download arrow it worked.  It took about 3 minutes to download the 746mb England maps. Pretty quick I think.  

So I downloaded Spain at 1gb and then onto France which is in total 2gb. I checked online for the new regions and chose all those that come from the Spanish border in the west up to Normandy and across to Pas-de-Calais/Nord.

In all it must have taken 20 minutes!  Not the 11 hours to do nothing from overnight last night. Of course, now I need to find out how to delete map sets I no longer need!!!

I tested a few of the routes we will be using on the Awaycation next month and they didn't fail with unable to create the route error message. Looks like fingers and indeed toes will need crossing.  

I will try the offline navigation tomorrow on my way to the greyhound rescue when I go in the car.  ūü§ěūü§ěūü§ěūü§ě

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