17 September 2023

Skabour Scooters?

Just a short ride out today to watch the scooters gathering and then leaving for their ride-out from the Grand Burstin Hotel in Folkestone. This weekend is the Skabour Weekend in the town and at the hotel.

My first stop was at the Cliff Top Cafe in Capel-le-Ferne. This is usually rammed full of bikers on a Sunday morning. I was Billy No-Mates the entire time I was there, if you discount a full car park of cars! The dedicated bike park was just for me!

Billy No-Mates!

I had a "cheeky" coffee and a bacon sandwich. The cafe's new owners have removed the ridiculous "no dogs" sign and as a result their custom looks to have increased as nearly every table was full and with a dog or two in attendance.

Once that was over, I headed down into Folkestone and into the harbour area. With thunderstorms predicted for the afternoon I wasn't surprised to see that with 15 minutes to go for the gathering that there were only about half the number of scooters than in previous years.

I had a chat with a few owners. Wearing my Lambretta "fashion" t-shirt was ignored. In fact, I have never owned a Lambretta, only a Vespa SS180!

I had a turn around the harbour and took a few photos with the pocket cybershot. The pix looks decent enough for "only" 7.3 megapixels.

London & Paris - so called as the train used to come here on that route

The Grand Burstin - looks better from a long distance!

Some Stinkwheels!

With the sky greying up and the sea mist rolling in I left before the scooters! Just in time as I had only been home a few minutes when it rained, then became torrential!


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