14 January 2022

Run to the Jet Wash

Today I could take it no longer. Not quite cabin fever as I have been out and about on foot and in the car. But!

Today was sunny ☀️ and after taking the Kappa screen to the DPD Pickup shop and to have a walk over the White Cliffs with Claire and Reggie, I needed to get out.

Once back I pulled Vera out and looked at the mud and crap covering the bottom half of the bike. A quick ride to Seabrook Garage and £4 in the jet wash later and Vera was nice and clean.

The problem though is with it being sunny, it was only 8°C and the water wasn't going to dry too easily. In the end I needed to get out and let the wind blow dry Vera.

To that end a quick ride to Stelling Minnis and the Murco petrol station. Cheapest petrol around and although now sadly converted to E10. 

Then back home for a late lunch.

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