14 November 2017

First digital camera?

I was looking through some of the blogs I follow and came across Bandit Rider's blog about cameras.  It kicked off a debate about cameras and when we all bought our first digital effort. 

As the eldest/oldest it seems I had the distinction of buying one first.  Back in 1998 I bought a Casio QV10a. I didn't come with a box just a soft case and some cables bundled in an elastic band.  It was of course new but an ex-demo model. I have no idea where those cables are now!

I still have it and recently took it out of the drawer where it has been residing for at least the last 19 years! In fact the 320/240 pixel output was so poor, and its hunger for 4 AA batteries meant it didn't see a lot of action.

It's first major use was in 1999 when I took it to Austria on my trip to the Wasserbuffel Club Rally near Mauterndorf in Salzburgerland. I used it a couple of times.  But essentially it only worked with bright daylight and ate batteries too fast to use sensibly.  It allegedly holds 96 pictures in the internal memory.  But batteries never lasted long enough to get that many.

The problem is that the cable I can't find has a jack plug at one end and a serial connection at the other. How to connect it to a modern computer might prove difficult.

Time to get it out of the drawer again?

Googling earlier I found the manual is still available!  Linked below.  




Andrew Thomson said...

Looks pretty high-tech!

I bet it was cutting edge when you got it and your mates were amazed ;)

Trobairitz said...

Wow, and you still have it. Wonder if it would still work and eat batteries too.

InvictaMoto said...

I have rescued another old one. When we emptied our offices to relocate I found an old Kodak digital camera.

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