5 December 2018


Saturday is an anomaly. At home. On a Saturday. Kick-off at 3pm.  This is the traditional day and time for English football for generations.  The advent of the TV viewer and especially since BT and others joined in to get a slice of the Premiership pie got us used to games played on a Saturday evening and Sunday afternoons.  Then we had Monday Night Football live on Sky.

We have for many years had midweek games, midweek being Tuesday and Wednesday for cups and replays of cup games that had played firstly on a Saturday.  Then TV took over.  We now play on Thursday and Friday evenings.... 

Effectively the armchair viewer (he can't really be a fan or supporter) can watch a live game every day/evening of the week.  And that's just English games.  If he isn't fussy, he can watch Spanish, German and Italian games, plus the less exotic crap from the MLS in the US, Australian and Japanese leagues.

Back to this Saturday.  Home to Huddersfield Town.  The link with Arsenal is close with Arsenal's greatest pre-war manager, Herbert Chapman, having led Huddersfield to the first hat trick of League Championships before he moved south to do the same with Arsenal.  Arsenal arguably the most "winningest" club in the 1930's.


But Saturday all sentiment finishes at 14:59:59.  

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