31 October 2016


With today being a school day, we had expected the kids to be around for their treats yesterday.

The pumpkin lights up..... sweets in the bowl. And. Nothing. Not a one.

So we expect them tonight, 'cept Claire at Pilates from about 1745 to after 1900, and me not home until a little before that.

What to do with a large bowl on Haribo?

27 October 2016

Movember 2016 - T-5

The first donation has been made to this year's Movember charity event.  It was me.  

Okay that might sound pretty dodgy, like the beggar that puts a few coins in the bowl to attract the passers-by to add to it, but not really.

At work we have had a Nespresso Dolce Gusto coffee maker in the cupboard. It was brought in by my boss for the department to use. Like many of these things it ended up not being used after the first flush of enthusiasm and was put away.

We had a look at them in a shop and I asked if I could borrow it to see if it was worth having.  My boss said I could have it.  And I said I'd donate to Movember for it.

I have and I am underway.  

The current beard and tache will come off over the weekend and I will start smooth skinned from Tuesday November 1st.

All I need now are people to sponsor me.


12 October 2016

Movember 2016

I have signed up again for Movember after a year off last year. I did Decembeard instead.

At the moment I have a beard but that will go very soon.

So should anyone feel like sponsoring me my mospace is: 

I have set a pretty low target of £100 but I doubt I'll get close to that.

It is very easy to post of Facebook and other social media about fighting cancer. But seemingly more difficult to pledge a few quid to help fight cancer for real and increase awareness.

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