24 June 2022

Kent Greyhound Rescue

All these dogs are still in the foster home where I go on volunteering days.

I have up to 10 to feed and exercise.

Kent Greyhound Rescue 

Ohrex Satnav upgrade

What a palaver!!

I took a backup of the folders on the Satnav last night and saved them to the laptop. There is only one main folder called NAVI.

Secondly, this morning,  I downloaded the massive 6.6gb RAR file from the link Ohrex send in an email with instructions in a PDF. 

Simples. After 6 hours I finally managed to get one RAR downloaded, but only after multiple failures when it was part way through.

Then I connected the Satnav by the supplied USB cable. It's USB-mini and luckily they supply a cable. Everything I have now is either micro, USB-A or USB-C. 

Only then once the RAR file is downloaded and unzipped (7-zip) can you format the satnav drive! Yes format. 

Once formatted then use Windows to copy the NAVI folder from the unzipped folder to the satnav. Copying at 2 to 3 mb/sec means that over 7gb unzipped will take a while.

Much easier with the TomTom where you connect and let if check for upgrades....

It took way over an hour to copy from the laptop to the unit.

Once it had finished I disconnected it, switched it off and on and saw that of course all my favourites and history had been deleted. It would after formatting the drive!

I sent Ohrex a message on Messenger from their FB page. I got a quick reply to copy the SAVE folder from inside the NAVI folder from the backup to the unit.

I turned it off and on. The history appeared but favourites was still blank. I did the old switch it off and on routine and the favourites link lit up. Phew. It means I don't need to enter the co-ords again!!

Bikers Gear Australia Gloves

You can never have too many summer gloves.  These were well priced and made of leather. Fit nice and tight but they'll stretch to fit I expect.


23 June 2022

British Bike Night - June 23rd 2022

Some pics from tonight's bike night.

I went on the GT and then parked behind this one! Gulp. Where mine is pretty much standard with work still to be done, this is absolutely fantastic piece of work.

My Old Girl!

19 June 2022

Frank Thomas Aqua Jacket

It's a day over 14 years since I bought this Frank Thomas Aqua Jacket. 

I originally blogged about it on Blogger way back in 2008. 

Over the years it has remained waterproof. It has faded a little and where it was once black with reflective piping it has become a mixture of black and a mauve/maroon.

After losing in excess of three stones (45lbs) in weight it is a little big now. With just a t-shirt today it was very roomy. Plenty of room for a jumper if it turned cold.

Meldrews' Sunday - June 19th

As expected just Cal and me on the breakfast ride out. 

With heavy rain and thunder/lightning overnight I decided not to repeat the summer gear mistake on the Czech trip and wire my FT Aqua Jacket and Armr waterproof trousers. Good job as the rain came ..

Cal arrived at my house just after 0930 and we set off. I had forgotten the last time I had put fuel in Vera was in Belgium soon after leaving Bastogne. 

With the high speed dash to the ferry port I didn't bother refuelling. So when the range light dropped to 1 I had to fuel up at the Esso in New Romney. At 193.9 for E10 it was the cheapest litre around here. I got 19.57 litres in the tank. There was I thinking I had a 19 litre tank. This came out at a tad over 51mpg.

We had a chat over coffee/tea and bacon baguette at Jo's Café in Brookland and then decided to head back via Rye and Appledore. This café is right by the model car racing circuit. It's popular with bikers too.

The Getapic guy was taking photos and when we arrived into the bend he was checking what he had taken! Missed us!

At Appledore Cal went left and I came back to Brenzett and home.

At one point we caught up with a gaggle of lycra louts riding in a bunch that the cars couldn't pass. No problems for Vera. Why these arrogant shits can't ride more spaced apart is anyone's guess. Because they are arrogant shits? They are the same club we often encounter blocking roads.

So only 41 miles this week. It started off sunny and on the way home the rain came. Enough to be glad I wore the right gear.

18 June 2022

Ride to Work Day 2022

Yep. It's Ride to Work Day 2022 on Monday June 20th. Two days from now.

Not that I have a job to go to though. Since I retired my dream of riding my bikes more often hasn't actually happened but I do volunteer at a local dog rescue centre.

So it looks as though I will ride there instead.

Meldrews' Sunday - June

I haven't been out on Vera since I got back from the Czech Trip on June 1st.

The reason? Weather part of it and then when it got more like a summer I had the MoHo back to sort out.

I had her out of the garage for a clean and I took the opportunity to clean the screen properly. A little polish and then I tried to remove the Airstream sticker. Very sticky. Now I need to find something to remove the gluey shit without damaging the screen itself?  Nail varnish remover?

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I didn't expect there would be many out. It looks like me and Cal will be the only ones again.

It looks as though the Meldrews' are almost dead in the water.

Also, Getapic will be in the A259 on the way to Rye. Only about half a mile from the café we will meet up at.

Hopefully the photographer will get one of me on Vera. It was them that took the picture of me on the Kettle a couple of months ago 

Insurance Renewal Due

My insurance renewal for both the bikes is due in the next few weeks.

I've not had the renewal from Carole Nash yet and time is running out.

I did the Meerkat Shuffle to see what the bikes would pan out like. In the end I had to do them as separate quotes. Both around £90 fully comp.

So then I looked at Carole Nash. Both bikes. It came out as bit of a shock. 


I can insure both separately for half of that.

17 June 2022

Cardo SHO-1 Bluetooth

It's June 17th. I have actually has the SHO-1 sitting on the shelf in the conservatory since November and have had it out to check out the contents and read the installation instructions.

Today I decided to fit to the Qwest and get it charged up as I might venture out on Sunday morning.  It's Father's Day here and so hopefully all the would-be GP riders will be out to lunch with their kids.  

It was supposed to be designed to fit in the Qwest. It kinda does but some of the instructions can't be followed as it doesn't have removable headlining!  It says the wide from one speaker to the next needs to go under the inner lining from ear to ear. Great but the lining doesn't come out!

One side has the unit fitted to it and the other the battery pack. Connecting the two is supposed to have the wire put in between the hard inner shell and the outer shell. That won't work either! The two are pretty much bonded tight. As they ought to be.

In the end I have it fitted and it is now charging up using the supplied micro-usb cable the supplied. Time will tell if it is any good!!!

After all this effing about it better work.