16 December 2018

Oxtar Boots

Still wearing them. 

They are still 99% waterproof. Very battered. The gear pads on both boots gave been superglued on and need retreating with something stronger.

But. Still alive. More comfortable than the TCX Explorer boots I bought in 2013 to replace them.

15 December 2018


This year's panto is Cinderella. Oddly there was a no photography rule. I am sure in previous years they have encouraged it and suggested where to post.

Can't give too many spoilers away but the slipper fits. 😉

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14 December 2018

Christmas Jumper Day

Today is Save the Children's "Christmas Jumper Day".

A chance to donate £2 and the privilege of wearing a patterned jumper to work.

Here's mine.
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13 December 2018

Another shoebox picture

This set of prints labelled "Belgian c/w 1990" on the cover from Bonusprint.

The only camping weekend I ever went on in Belgium was at a site near Nieuwpoort. I organised it for the Suzuki Owners Club and from the other photos in the set I can count 12 bikes including my DR800SL and lots of tents.

This bike was a great workhorse and it is one of the few bikes I regret having to sell.

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And so to the last game at the Emirates in the group stages of the Europa League. With Arsenal already qualified for the the next stage it was always going to be a damp squib of a game.

Their it fell on a night where trains into St Pancras were cancelled and disrupted - the reason I didn't travel - and the coldest night of the winter so far was always going to affect attendance.

Even though there were no more than 21000 in the stadium, the pre-sold season tickets for the night would show something like 59000 sold!

As I said, I didn't go. I had worked from home all day and the trans were all cancelled from Folkestone so I went home.  I watched on TV,

It was a game that seemed like an exhibition game. Arsenal started with some younger players given their chance at a first team game. Saka played the whole game and at 17y and 99 days he is one of the Arsenal's youngest players in a Euro competition.

In the end it looked like the game would be a goal fest after 16 minutes when Lacazette's quick feet gave him the opener but it never really happened.

At least there were no more injuries and Laurent Koscielny, the club captain, made his first team comeback after an ACL injury that kept him out for 7 months.

So into the weekend and way at Southampton.  Fingers crossed.

12 December 2018

Vintage Picture - From the Shoebox

Taken way back in 1990. A summer holiday to deepest Andalucia.. So hot in Seville the grease on the clutch lever melted around the pivot pin making it hard to activate.

We rode most of the N340 coast road from Cadiz to the French border. Not easily done nowadays with the autoroutes replacing the larger N roads.

We had been to Morocco for a day trip but took Audrey's (my partner at the time) XJ900F. The Cavalcade stayed locked on the campsite in Tarifa.
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11 December 2018


I think that perhaps this jacket has the wrong name. Starting "Wa" is about right though...

Why is that clown trying to touch the ground with his left hand?


10 December 2018

Roadtest - Suzuki TU250X - Part 2

So nine years after moving the Roadtest article from the defunct Geocities site, I have finally got around to adding photos that I took myself.

These are just a few of the ones I took at Woburn Abbey.

8 December 2018


Well. That didn't go exactly to our plan.

Huddersfield's game plan was to keep all ten outfield players between the ball and their goal at all times and break.

Added to that a certain amount of what's called "unnecessary roughing" in NFL, it was a game plan that almost worked.

Top that with a referee that made some odd decisions including yellow carding three Arsenal players for diving but oddly didn't reciprocate when Huddersfield players took a tumble.

In the end pressure told and Aubameyang got to the byline and chipped over the defenders and Torreira overhead kicked the ball into the net. 1-0.


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5 December 2018


Saturday is an anomaly. At home. On a Saturday. Kick-off at 3pm.  This is the traditional day and time for English football for generations.  The advent of the TV viewer and especially since BT and others joined in to get a slice of the Premiership pie got us used to games played on a Saturday evening and Sunday afternoons.  Then we had Monday Night Football live on Sky.

We have for many years had midweek games, midweek being Tuesday and Wednesday for cups and replays of cup games that had played firstly on a Saturday.  Then TV took over.  We now play on Thursday and Friday evenings.... 

Effectively the armchair viewer (he can't really be a fan or supporter) can watch a live game every day/evening of the week.  And that's just English games.  If he isn't fussy, he can watch Spanish, German and Italian games, plus the less exotic crap from the MLS in the US, Australian and Japanese leagues.

Back to this Saturday.  Home to Huddersfield Town.  The link with Arsenal is close with Arsenal's greatest pre-war manager, Herbert Chapman, having led Huddersfield to the first hat trick of League Championships before he moved south to do the same with Arsenal.  Arsenal arguably the most "winningest" club in the 1930's.


But Saturday all sentiment finishes at 14:59:59.  

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