12 October 2016

Movember 2016

I have signed up again for Movember after a year off last year. I did Decembeard instead.

At the moment I have a beard but that will go very soon.

So should anyone feel like sponsoring me my mospace is: 

I have set a pretty low target of £100 but I doubt I'll get close to that.

It is very easy to post of Facebook and other social media about fighting cancer. But seemingly more difficult to pledge a few quid to help fight cancer for real and increase awareness.

22 September 2016

DGR 2016

This year I plan to turn up again on a non-hipster bike and enjoy the adulation of the assembled masses whilst raising some money for cancer charities.

Sadly my fund raising efforts have not gone too well. The main focus is through Facebook where I have 60 friends.

Some of them are outside the UK in the USA, Germany and the Czech Republic.

That does leave around 50 within the Sterling zone. Although as an international charity event sponsors can pay in sterling or Yankee dollars or euros or any currency that is internationally tradeable.

How many have contributed to my (currently) measly £21? ONE.

So with three days to go here's hoping for a few extra quid/dollars/rand/krone. Whatever.

Here's my sponsorship page: https://www.gentlemansride.com/rider/invictamoto

16 September 2016

Frank Thomas Jacket

I was reading a Facebook post about a £1000 BMW suit that had leaked quite badly on the chest and back at the first rain of the autumn.

So I had a search through "On the Road" to see how old my Frank Thomas Jacket is. I was amazed to see the post was way back in June 2008.

My ex-wife used my profligate spending in her own counter-suit to mine of adultery....
But in reality I don't spend fortunes on gear.

I don't thing 8 years for a jacket and 16 for boots is that profligate.

Anyway. The point of dredging this up was to say that or a £99 jacket (less sale discount) is still waterproof.

Although it has faded and no longer black black it still does what it was bought to do. I am dry and generally warm wearing it and I wear it four seasons.

At the BWW price I could get 80 years of FT wear. 

11 September 2016

Doddington Place Garden

Today's run out in the car with Reggie was to Doddington Place Garden. Only about 25 miles at most from home.

The garden is privately owned and is only open a few days in the we and Sunday is one.
It is also one of the few dog friendly gardens in the county. A least one where we can all enjoy the gardens together.


5 September 2016

Cactus Bob

Cactus Joe's brother from Oatman Arizona.

Google throws up these things from time to time. Sometimes no matter how embarrassing you have to post.

30 August 2016

New Helmet - LS2 Metro with Bluetooth Four

The helmet proved a good fit on the 1763 mile trip to the Czech MotoGP and back. The noise was no worse than my Shoei.

The bluetooth was easy to setup but at anything above 70mph not a lot of good.

The volume simply isn't loud enough to work with a combination of wind noise and ear plugs. 

With them out and testing the controls the systems own voice is pretty good.

It's a shame as the main selling point of this kind of helmet is the bluetooth.  Otherwise you may as well buy an alternative make or their own much cheaper model.

Still a decent helmet but can't say I am not a little disappointed.