12 July 2020


North London Derby.

Managed to lose 2-1.

Defensive mistakes and Spurs took the chances. We had a few and didn't.

10 July 2020

Book Review: Ship of Ruin by Lindsay Buroker

Ship of Ruin (Star Kingdom #2)Ship of Ruin by Lindsay Buroker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wasn't going to start new series of books and get hooked. I had the first book as part of my free month Kindle Unlimited and enjoyed that.

When I found that Kindle Library allowed Prime users to have two free books on loan a month I went for this o

Plenty of action going on all the time from the fleet, to the mercenaries to the "heroes".

Now I want to read Book 3 but.... Kindle Library and my second and last free book of July has disappeared from view.... So I'll have to buy it!

So who is the real baddie? Is it Rache? Jager?

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8 July 2020

New Desktop Background

Amazon Review: Solar fountain

I bought this as a novelty for the garden to aerate the bird bath.  I soon gave that up as it constantly needed the little filter cleaning.  

Birds are filthy creatures that defecate into the water they bath  in and drink. This muck clogs the filter.

I gave up and moved it to float about in a clean bowl of water in the back garden. It comes with a variety of attachments but in the end we don't use any of them as they encourage the water to fountain an  impressive 1 to 2 feet high but unless you have a 4ft diameter bowl you are constantly refilling the bowl!

Works well and in a small garden adds that sound of running water.

Amazon Review: Honor Band 5

I bought this for my wife as I already had one myself. I have an Honor 9 Lite phone and after a few mistakes with budget smart bands that don't pair very well, I thought Honor to Honor was the way to go. It was.

However Honor to her OnePlus 5 doesn't.

If you buy this band you you will need to download a Huawei APK file. I did this by simply googling "Honor 5 Band OnePlus".  There is a OnePlus forum and it is there. OnePlus' version of Google will need overriding!!

So. The band once connected works pretty well. You will have to go through and set up all the functions.

Continuous monitoring of your heart rate saps the battery. Everything else is good.

A novelty is changing the watch face until you find the one you like. 

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