19 February 2019

More Archive Pix

Some pbotos from the past. All of them taken in the 1990's at Czech SOC "Invader Rally" events.

The first is my DR800SL in May 1992. I had been made redundant in December 1991 but to get our payoffs we had to stay until then. I trained to Teach English as a Foreign Language to Adults (CTEFLA) and was looking for jobs. The Czech Republic was a good choice. 

I went to the Invader Rally in Chudčice near Brno. Taking the overnight ferry from Felixstowe to Zeebrugge I rode non-stop on rhe A4 route via Dresden and Prague. When I say nonstop that included petrol stops. When I got to Pod Horkou I could barely get off tbe bike. 

All the photos are taken from the galleries of the Czech Centre SOC.

We move forward to 1998. A group of us went together. I was on a relatively new to me GSXR750. 

I hadn't had it long and had traded my 90000 mile Yamaha XJ900F for it. I had been working at SIMS in Bedford and wanted something newer. By May 1998 I had moved to my current employment in Islington. The ride into London was a strain on my wrists. 

The bike was superb on the open road, but in town it was simply the wrong bike for commuting.

Not long after I got back it went in part exchange for the TDM850.

MAG asks for clarification on Sadiq's "Scrap for Cash" scheme

In a flurry of Valentine's Day media, Sadiq Khan announced that he plans to double his "Scrap for Cash" polluting vehicle fund, stating that the "£48 million combined scheme will help scrap older vans for the capital's micro-business owners and help low-income Londoners scrap older cars".  MAG asks "Will the Mayor extend the love by confirming that the fund will also assist the owners of older motorcycles?"

The announcement was formally made at the National Clean Air Summit, organised in partnership with UK100 and Unicef UK, where attendees discussed their concerns directly with the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, and the Health Secretary, Matthew Hancock. The proposed new £25m fund will be included in the Mayor's Final Budget, due to be presented at a meeting of the London Assembly on February 25th.

MAG's Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, commented:  "It is, of course, admirable that the Mayor is making efforts to ease the financial burden of his Ultra Low Emission Zone on those least able to afford newer vehicles, but there must be a clear and immediate message to confirm that the owners of older motorcycles that he proposes to charge will not be forgotten or excluded when the money is handed out.  Many riders may well have already incurred the cost of scrapping their older machines; will they be able to claim the money retrospectively?  Indeed, how soon will the money reach those that  qualify, with only a matter of weeks to go until the £12.50 per day charge is to be introduced? Will the grant money just end up paying off the loans taken out to pay the ULEZ charge in the first weeks and months of the scheme?"

Colin went on to say "Maybe there is a chance that Sadiq is just playing with us because he intends to take the sensible approach of exempting all motorcycles but, if he doesn't do that, then excluding riders from eligibility for the fund would be a clear case of discrimination"

17 February 2019

Dainese Scout Evo GTX

Yes. They are pre-shaped.

It's not that I have deformed arms and have bent them into that shape. Looking back through the blog I was surprised to see that I had bought them back in November 2017!

Worn for the first time for a whole ride today. They are the most expensive gloves I have ever bought and they were warm and very comfortable.

Until today they have been either in the cupboard with my other gear or In the pannier "just in case".

Had it rained; I am sure the Goretex liner would have ensured dry hands.

Updates to follow.

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14 February 2019

Flexiday Walk

Although having a day off work today I was up reasonably early to let Reggie out.

They were shooting on the Ranges over the coast road and driving Reggie mad.

Once off. First stop McDonalds for a sausage and egg mcmuffin. Once before they put the second patty in a box rather than on the bun for Reggie. No luck this time.

I drove and parked by The Grand on the Leas and we had breakfast. McMuffin for me and the extra sausage patty for Reggie.

Once finished we had a walk along The Leas towards the bandstand before he turned around and decided he'd had enough.

Walk over.

Mundane shopping for bird feeders and a visit to Pets at Home for Reggie to browse their latest wares.

10 February 2019


A really superb second half performance from Latics. 

Both teams quite poor in the first forty-five with passing to a team mate at a premium.

Well worth the 160 mile round trip from home to Crawley via my brother's place.

8 February 2019

Illegal Eagles @ Folkestone

Superb again. The Illegal Eagles - six piece tribute band don't try and look like The Eagles but the sound. 

Wow. Close your eyes and it could be the real thing from those far off days of the 70's and 80's.

7 February 2019

Book Review: Lone Rider by Elspeth Beard

Lone Rider: The First British Woman to Motorcycle Around the WorldLone Rider: The First British Woman to Motorcycle Around the World by Elspeth Beard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Not just a travelogue but an emotive story of travel and the hardships and feelings. Another review said that with all the hassles it doesn't seem enjoyable. I guess not every experience that shapes a life is going to be enjoyable.

Very sad at the end with Robert and how that ended. I guess as she couldn't commit to him that he simply took that decision to let her go.

The lack of interest in her trip is quite appalling from the motorcycling press.

But I guess we all do it. As soon as the holiday photo album comes out, then the dread starts..... it seems that was par for the course for her parents though. Friends? After a while the tedium of your own life means that you don't want to listen to the excited tales of the travellers after they come back.

Having had to sit through a photo show of a friend that went to India and Nepal "to find herself". Between scenic photos we all had the commentary of how ill she was and how she could only keep down the packets of Quavers she took with her in her luggage....

6 February 2019

Frank Thomas Jacket

Today "Ride", a magazine I used to subscribe to, posted on their Facebook page about jackets. Asking us for opinions.

I estimate that this jacket has easily done 50000 miles plus. And all for £99.99 less 20% discount... Ten and a half years later. Still waterproof.

I have to chuckle when a guy says his £825 Rukka Armaxis was superb for four years.

No Ozzy


Next Monday's Ozzy Osbourne concert at the O2 has been cancelled as Mr Osbourne has been taken sick. 

As yet there are no details on ticket refunds or re-arranged dates.

5 February 2019

New Spectacles!

Why do I need a new pair when I have a perfectly serviceable pair of Oakley's?  The reason is that I like to have what I call "car specs" - a pair in the car so that I always have a pair to hand, and also as backup when I go on holiday.

I already have a £10 sunglasses pair in the car and decided to match them with a pair of clear ones. Clear are £6.  Cheap.  

With holidays coming up they are useful in the luggage "just in case".  A few years ago I did manage to sit on the only pair I had with me!

So I went to Selectspecs again.  Now I have to wait for the post.

3 February 2019

A Quarter Dollar

Whoever stiffed me today with a quarter in my change,  thanks.

The US 25c coin is similar in size to a UK 10p. 
But at today's exchange rate worth 19p.
Now that is a fantastic return on investment!!!

2 February 2019

Folkestone walkabout

A walkabout today just me and Reggie. Along the Leas and into St Mary and St Eanswythe's churchyard. Claire was at Specsavers to get her glasses repaired and maybe get a new pair!  Reggie not too good in crowds, especially when people walk to close and almost knee him in the face!  

There are so many old gravestones in there that now are indecipherable that unless the church has records who knows who is buried where. They are hundreds of years in the ground.

On the way back we stopped to look at the sea and the beach by the Lower Leas and the memorial arch.

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