23 May 2018

Down by the Canal

Walking the dog along the Royal Military Canal in Hythe.

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One of the successes of GDPR will (hopefully) be the removal of my personal data inc email address from people and companies I can't remember ever contacting and those that I should have unsubscribed from long ago.

So far I have deleted loads of unanswered opt-in emails.

Let's see if it's successful.

Wenger Out. Emery In

Finally after a few weeks of specualtion and many names being put forward the Arsenal board have appointed former Seville and PSG manager Unai Emeryas the new coach.

As expected the appointment is a bit of a shock as he wasn't mentioned by any of the papers and reports with ex Arsenal midfielder and Manchester City assistant coach, Mikel Arteta, being the front runner over a pretty stellar cast of experienced manager/coaches like Luis Enrique formerly of Barcelona and many others.

In the end they have gone for a younger manager than some of the others, but a guy with a history of winning.  He took Seville to three consecutive Europe League wins and less spectacularly, PSG to the French Ligue 1 title and back to back French cups.

Welcome Unai.

21 May 2018

Insignia Fix

Finally getting around to getting the damage to the car sorted.

The rear was done over a year ago when someone ran into the car at Sandling Station car park. Hard enough to split the rear bumper/fender. Whoever it was left a trace of dark blue paint lower down than the crack.  I looked for a car that matched that for a while and never saw one! So I expect if it was a regular user they knew they had done it.  CCTV was useless.

The front damage is actually two different hits! Once in the Aldi car park and more recently at the station car park at Folkestone West.

The Aldi damage was dome after dark and we only saw it the next  day.  The scrapes covered by mud so I guess it was a 4WD of some sort. This knock damaged the headlight unit so that it has damp in and it "mists" up from time to time. It passed the MoT though.

The latter has left most of the damage that can be seen below.

On the local residents Facebook page there were recommendations for a small body shop in Hythe. A messenger post and a quick quote of £220.

Will take it down to them for a better look and quote when I get home from holiday.

Blogger App Photo test

So Bloggeroid.

Will we see photos the right way up?

Blogger Apps

Whether it's just a coincidence but the Blogger App I have been successfully using for a while has stopped uploading photos.

It's about the same time that my "On the Road Again" blog's layout stopped displaying on the screen.

I am therefore trying Blogger Pro. This one does upload photos, but upside down or just 90° off kilter.

I have filled in the feedback email.

Only problem is that it won't actually publish a post!!!!!

Blogger Theme Changed


Not through choice.  I use the same theme on here as I do on the travel blog that I share with Claire.  It seems to be working perfectly okay there but for some reason this one has gone wrong and the right sidebar is showing up at the bottom of the posts.

According to the layout setup page it is the same as it has been for a long time. So I had a play about and couldn't get it back at all.

Hence this change.  I don't really like the dynamic themes as I like to decide what visitors see and how they see it. A bit of practice I think to perfect what i want.

Time will tell.

20 May 2018

The Shires

May 19th 2018. What else could be happening in the country today?

The FA Cup Final at Wembley.  And. Oh yes. The small matter of a Royal Wedding. 

But for me it was an evening of "new country" from The Shires and fellow non Americans in support Sinead Burgess from Oz and Andy Brown from Liverpool.

Andy Brown & Band

Both supports were really good and warmed us up for the main event.

The Shires played a mixture of tracks from the first two albums and all the new one.

Clearly The Shires

Damned baldy headed bloke!!!!

In the end  - a superb night.

13 May 2018


After the Rocket ride out to Dover Transport Museum and with the bike stuffed back into the garage we decided to go to Dungeness for a lunch stop at the railway cafe and have a walk on the shingle.

As it was a decent dry and sunny day it looked as though the light railway in full operation. No soon as one left than another arrived on the loop and into the station.

Despite not being able to see much on the phone screen I did manage to get a few decent pix.

Sadly, despite being able to see them Reggie went apeshit and we had to leave to stop him barking at them all.

They actually go right behind our garden  but he can't see them over two six feet high fences but they actually pass only 10 feet from him! He goes absolutely berserk when he hears them. And that is way before the human ear can detect them!

10 May 2018

Boot Led Zeppelin

Last week I was sent a flyer for this tribute band with the offer of 2 for 1 tickets.

Why not.

And what a great time we had. The band are excellent musicians and sound very Plant-like!

Their new set, tonight the first of the 2018 tour, was in Folkestone.

Playing a track from each of the original was a good idea and I was only in the dark with a couple of them.

Great night.

MAG News - Criminals are Criminals. Not Bikers!

The Motorcycle Action Group is launching a campaign to persuade the media to stop referring to those committing crime on motorcycles or scooters as 'bikers'.

How often do we see news reports describing dangerous "biker" gangs doing wheelies down residential roads, terrorising local residents, snatching mobile phones or robbing jewellery stores?  The reports come out daily.  The reality, as any biker knows, is that the individuals carrying out these acts are normally on stolen machines and often have no licence, no insurance, and no understanding of what a biker really is.

Lazy media coverage and poor editorial rigour is reinforcing all the negative stereotypes with which motorcyclists have always been branded to a point where it seems that the mainstream press see the terms "biker" and "criminal" as interchangeable.

"Legitimate law-abiding bikers are fed up with being associated with criminal behaviour" says Colin Brown, MAG's Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement.  "We have to work extremely hard to improve the public and political perception of bikers; the last thing we need is to be branded as, or associated with, the criminal elements of society. Lazy use of language has an enormous and subconscious detrimental impact on public perception.  We are often viewed as intimidating faceless people because we have to wear helmets and safety gear, but the vast majority of us are friendly, warm, caring members of society."

MAG has begun its campaign to educate and edify news editors and reporters by writing a formal letter to the Director General of the BBC, Tony Hall.  In the letter signed by National Chairman, Selina Lavender, it was explained that not all bikers are criminals, and therefore the term should not be used to describe criminals.  In his response, the DG said: "You make some important points …. I will let our News and programme teams know of the work that you and the Motorcycle Action Group are doing"

MAG will be formally writing to the editors of any news media, be they local or national, online, newspapers, radio or television stations, pointing out examples of poor use of terminology and requesting that they refrain from referring to these "crims" as bikers.  Any publication responding and cleaning up their act will then be recognised, celebrated and may be nominated for MAG's Media Award.

8 May 2018

#MerciArsene Wenger

Well. That's the end of an era. Arsène Wenger has managed his last Arsenal home game the the Emirates Stadium. 

After 22 years he has decided to leave the club.  

For some fans the #wengerout hashtag has been their main cause. Why support the club you profess to love and then constantly want to see games lost so that the manager/coach is sacked or leaves?

Admittedly the decade since we last won the Premier League hasn't been the success that fans got used to. many of these "fans" only came to Arsenal because along with Manchester United we won trophies year in year out.  

In 22 years Arsène Wenger led us to 7 FA Cups, two doubles (FA Cup & League Championship) as well as the 2003/04 season when we became the only club in the modern era  to go a whole season unbeaten - a total in the end of 49 league games without loss. There are 38 games in the Premier League season!

Photo by Neill Devall - my phone locked up at this moment!!!

"The Invincibles". Only one other club has done this and that was Preston North End in 1888!!!

Over the years  Arsène has acted as the buffer between the outside world and the players. Even at their worst he always tried to be positive and that along with the same protection he gave to the board of directors,  headed by US billionaire Stan Kroenke, is his downfall. Kroenke is seen by many fans as nothing more than a carpetbagger.  He came along and bought a majority share holding as the rats with shares saw the $ signs flash up in the eyes.....  

Everyone expected the kind of spending madness that Abramovich brought to Chelsea and Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan has undoubtedly done at Manchester City.  Instead the business plan is to make money not spend it. 

Both the aforementioned clubs were mediocre performers.  Simply Google what silverware was in the trophy cabinets before and after billionaire buy-outs?  Chelsea went 50 years between league wins, but then the money poured in and the club suddenly started winning trophies almost every year since.  Coincidence?

So all that has added up to the glory hunters wanting rid of Arsène Wenger. Now they have their wish and we will never see the like again.

Let's hope we don't have the same problems that Manchester United had when Sir Alex Ferguson, undoubtedly the greatest and most successful  manager in English football, retired.

"Free" t-shirt at home!

Selfie. Me and Helen

What of the game itself?

Arsenal sitting in 6th place (out of 20)  in the table were at home to the team in 7th place.  A win for the visitors, Burnley FC, would see them equal on points but still behind on goal difference.  In the end a vastly changed Arsenal side from the one that lost 1-0 in the Europa League to (favourites) Atletico Madrid on Thursday evening played like the Arsenal we have all (even the #wengerout tossers) come to see and even to expect.  Running out 5-0 winners.

Why did they perform on the day?  For Wenger?  For us? Or for the pride that beating a rival will bring?  Who knows.  But 5-0 was a decent score to end the home season.

Almost forgot. We all got a "free" t-shirt on our seats.  We went down early to get ours in case they disappeared.  In the end the guy and his lad that sit next to us didn't show up and so we purloined their's too.  Neill and I have two shirts each....

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