29 June 2016

The Somme Centenary

Two days to go until we start the commemorations for the Battle of the Somme.

The 1st July is in the history books as the worst day's casualties for the British Army.

We are lucky to have tickets to attend the commemoration at the Ulster Tower. Even luckier that there is a train to the Shuttle buses from Amiens where we stay in the same hotel each year.

This year Claire is coming.  I write this as I head home after work.  So far I have fitted the luggage on the bike, but it is all empty.

Packing. We have to be smartly dressed and so jeans and bike gear won't do. So we have to pack stuff that means we won't stand out too much from the crowd.  Bikes are generally not good for this!

So let's see how it goes?

26 June 2016


Fun. Sometimes you have to make a prat of yourself.


Yesterday we made a picnic and packed the car and the three of us headed off for Sissinghurst.  We got about half way and the heavens opened. Torrential rain where the wipers could hardly cope.

Once we turned around it started to hail. June and we have a hailstorm.

So today we got ready, another picnic and off we went.

Today the weather was much better. Mostly sunny but a few ominous looking clouds passed by.

The car parks were pretty full and whilst Claire went into the gardens Reggie and I went around the periphery

24 June 2016

In or Out?

I started this post on the train home on June 23rd but sadly didn't get to post it as the signal was lost.

So here is the original.

I am rushing home as today is probably the biggest day in modern political history. Certainly in my lifetime.

I'm not doing a disservice to all the elections I have voted in since I turned 18, but this is a one-off.

We vote to stay in the European Union or Leave.

Whatever the democratic decision is, tee's no second chance. In or Out.

I also have to walk the dog, go to fat club and go to a classic bike evening.

Guess which one will get dropped?

The bad weather has affected the trains and I am already nearly 45 minutes late. It's raining and thunder is forecast.


We'll that was last night. Tonight.

The vote was a narrow 52 to 48 victory for the Leave campaign. Shock waves through the country and Europe. Loads of vitriol from the losing side and threats of legal challenges.

What did lose? Of course I never got to the  bike meet again! !

23 June 2016


British Bike Night

So I leave work a little early so that the usual Thursday things are out of the way;  fat club and walking the dog, plus one extraordinary thing, the EU Referendum voting, so that I can get Pepe out and ride to this annual event.

So yesterday,  we had thunderstorms into the night.  Flooding etc.

Today slightly better but unless there's a vast improvement it's another missed event.

20 June 2016

New Jacket...

If I was a  Harley owner I'd no doubt have to have a hoodie with the logo emblazoned somewhere on it.

But I wanted something understated and then I saw a guy at the Dover show that had a Kevlar hoodie that he wore instead of a jacket on warm days.

I had a look and found Australian Bikers selling then at about half price. I bought one.

It should arrive in a few days and I can see about wearing it on my next couple of trips with a waterproof jacket to go over the top in case it rains!

19 June 2016


This should be a lesson to me. Don't bother to rinse out the gin bottle before putting it in the recycle bin!

Not if it comes with the little marble operated one way valve in the top! Whilst getting that out I inadvertently  chipped a sliver of glass (without noticing) and then trod on it.

It was small but went into my foot like a knife. Cue loads of blood and a great deal of swearing. Once the flow was stemmed and a band-aid applied all seemed fine except the intense pain. 

It was no better the next morning so we went to the minor injuries clinic at our local hospital. A Victorian building serving the people for many years but mostly now empty and derelict waiting the developer to turn it into apartments, but with a more modern wing hanging on with minimal services.

The nurse had a look for any fragments still in there, then took a thick needle and probed about to see if she could feel anything. The pain was incredible. In the end she could find nothing, so she dressed it with something that draws out fragments and sent me on my way.

When I told her I was in Ashford she gave me an x-ray request form. I had that done in the afternoon.
It still hurts a lot this morning but I don't think there is anything in it.

So a lesson learned!!!!

12 June 2016

Google Nexus 7

Along with the rest of my possessions the Nexus 7 is back from a trip to the US, Arizona to be exact.

With the aid of an OTG cable previously bought to use with the Hudl a few years back it is easy to display pictures from the camera or the SD card from the camera on the 7.

A far easier solution was to buy a Samsung camera with its own wifi connection.  There is an app that will work on iOS and Android and uses a local wifi link to transfer photos.

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