29 June 2016

The Somme Centenary

Two days to go until we start the commemorations for the Battle of the Somme.

The 1st July is in the history books as the worst day's casualties for the British Army.

We are lucky to have tickets to attend the commemoration at the Ulster Tower. Even luckier that there is a train to the Shuttle buses from Amiens where we stay in the same hotel each year.

This year Claire is coming.  I write this as I head home after work.  So far I have fitted the luggage on the bike, but it is all empty.

Packing. We have to be smartly dressed and so jeans and bike gear won't do. So we have to pack stuff that means we won't stand out too much from the crowd.  Bikes are generally not good for this!

So let's see how it goes?

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