24 September 2008


C2? The most expensive pile of shit I have ever bought. Strong? No.

It seems I have bought the "Freitag Nachmittag Müll" - Friday afternoon shit.

What's wrong this time? Something has gone wrong with one of the locks on the chin piece and it needs dismantling and fixing.

This time getting it repaired will be hard work as it is out of warranty. The Oxprod bloke at their road show said send it back, but Oxprod won't accept it from a customer only a dealer, and Infinity don't give a f*ck. Dump the thing in the sea filled with concrete to start a new reef?

23 September 2008

21 September 2008

Kent Pet Food Run Autumn 2008 - Done!

A little disappointing turnout after all the work to publicise the event. But the people at the kennels were pleased to see us and the packs of food and cash we donated on the day.

Next year we may well have the run to this kennel again as we were treated like one of the family and the dogs were so friendly and we got a chance to walk them around a large field.

This is me with one of the dogs, not the one I had most of the day as she had gone to bed.

More photos from the run and from all the pet food runs can be found on Kent Centre Flickr

20 September 2008

Charity Pet Food Run - Autumn 2008 - Tomorrow

The run is tomorrow. I've hardly had any contact from SOC members locally let alone from anywhere else so I have this awful feeling it will all go tits up tomorrow.

At least I have a big bag of dog food to strap to the back seat in the absence of Mrs D.

Let's see what happens when I get to "Stop 24" and when the group starting at the Oakdene Cafe arrive.

When we planned the day it was back in April after the Spring run.

Fingers crossed!

16 September 2008

My New Car

My New Car, originally uploaded by PuntoMan.

I inherited this Punto 60 Selecta from my Mum when she gave up driving at the ripe old age of 79 last week.

As a result I have changed my name from Invicta Moto to PuntoMan!

3 September 2008


I got up the same time as I have for the last week or so since returning from holiday. Set off about the same time and got bogged down in traffic.

The kids went back to school today and my journey to work went up by 25 minutes. Damn bugger bollocks.

2 September 2008

Bottled it!

Some hard biker I am. I woke to high winds and the rain rattling against the window. Slip the radio on and Terry Wogan's sidekick was announcing flooding on the M1 and on the A20 in South London. 

SO.  I bottled it. Got Claire to run me to the station and I bought a cheap day return. Since about Tonbridge it brightened up gradually and sitting overlooking Upper Street it is bright and sunny, no wind to rattle the tree right outside our second floor window. B*llocks.

Bike tomorrow?

1 September 2008

The ride into work

For the fourth day in a row it has failed to rain as have ridden on to work
and even more amazingly I have managed to find a space on the bike park
across the road from my new office.

Today was a bit of a squeeze as the dopey clown with the little shite trail
bike parked with his front wheel to the right instead of left like everyone
else, so the little shit heap took up loads of space more than necessary.

With the forecast of the weather about to break I wonder how long this will
happen, dry weather = good!

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