16 December 2010

Kent Pet Run 2011 - May 22nd 2011

After some thought about a venue for the 2011 run I have decided on Last Chance Animal Rescue in Edenbridge, Kent.

The meeting place will be the Roadchef Maidstone Services on the M20/A20 intersection to the south of Maidstone.   Departure time is 1100.

We will be using the drop-off system to keep everyone together and the route will avoid the centre of maidstone.
Please bring dog or cat food with you and of course your wallets for donate to this very worthwhile local charity.

15 December 2010


Summer 2011 - Czech (2)

Accommodation in Brno sorted with my friend Lilka, actually at her house in Popuvky.  It's only walking distance to the race track!

Counting the days back from the end weekend gives us a date of the 17th to set off back. 

13 December 2010

Punto.... Lives

Just like Frankenstein's monster an injection of electricity has made the Punto live again.

It was as I had thought, but the RAC man confirmed it with his battery testing gadget. A new battery and Voila!

Today despite the doors being iced up (!) she started first touch.

9 December 2010

Grand Prix České Republiky 2011

Tickets ordered online, bought and paid for.

All I need to do now is sort out my accommodation locally.


Overcrowded platform at Kings Cross....

God help us if we ever get to host a huge sporting event in London.

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