12 May 2015

Cardiac Rehab

It's a little under six weeks since I had the chest pain and was rushed to the William Harvey for the angioplasty that saw me "fixed" and the stent in place.

Progress had been a little slow and during the course of a day I take five different pills in six doses, but gradually doses will be adjusted and some of the drugs will be dropped and some will stay with me for life.

The doctor has extended my sick leave until 21st June and so that covers Florida and a few of my rehab sessions.

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On my way to the cardiac rehab meeting via Pets at Home, I was going through Saltwood when a van came the other way, over my side of the road, and bang.

It took out the entire right side of the Insignia including both wheels.

The resultant crash into the kerb took out the front left tyre and both alloy wheels damaged.

Of course, the van driver denied it was his fault, but as all the skid marks are on my side of the white line I reckon it proves he was over it.

One of the reasons for carrying a camera in the car.

Doesn't look too bad in this light.

My skid marks well on my side of the road.

White centre line perfectly visible amongst the skid mark rubber. Interestingly the van passenger is enjoying his Pepsi in a fast-food cup and straw..... Maybe the driver had one when driving!

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5 May 2015

Another day out

Another sunny say. Up early to go to the surgery to give a few ounces of blood for testing. Dropped a bag of old clothes in the Sally box, then coffee in Waitrose.

None of this is getting me the exercise I need. So after breakfast Reggie and I did nothing much. Waiting for Claire to come home for lunch.

Once that was over, Reggie and I set off for Sissinghurst. Although I did the driving!

Today we tried a different route around the estate and I may have bitten off more than was sensible as I was a little cream crackered when we got back to the car.

Sissinghurst has an active estate and produces a lot of the produce for the restaurant, plus Kent is sheep country.

Even I was surprised to see a small field with four pigs nosing through the mud.

Once we got back to the castle itself,  I had Reggie on the extendable lead. 


He had slipped into the moat. He had gone down the bank to the water and fell in. He chose a bit tbick with green algae.  I got most of it off and we hurried back to the car to get him dried off. 

In the end I managed around two miles. Gradually building up the distance each day.

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1 May 2015

Today's Rehab Day

Today with Claire being of work as every Friday, and as it was sunny and warm, we decided to have a trip over to Sissinghurst Castle Garden.

We took Reggie with us, but dogs are not allowed in the garden itself but the rest of the estate is open to all.

In the end we had a nice circular walk of about a mile around the lakes and gardens, and lunch.  A healthy lunch of soup and a lump of bread.

Although I had taken the Nikon with me I forgot it in the boot, but the iPhone seems to have coped pretty well. At both the coffee shop and restaurant, the outside seating is a magnet for small birds to come and eat the crumbs that are left.  Some are braver than others.

Summer House by moat

The Castle Tower

A little door set in the tree

The family pet graves

Bluebell woods

Soup - pea, mint and something else


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