31 July 2009

Maxxis Presa Detour Tyres

I needed new tyres for the GS and thought I'd try a budget option. It's not like I corner as if I was Valentino Rossi and so was prepared to give up a bit of ultimate grip afforded by the Bridgestone BT020/021 combination that were almost worn out.

So, I opted for Maxxis Presa Detour tyres this time. As you can see, the rear comes with a lot of tread, at least it looks deep! he front not quite as deep but still using the same pattern.

Let's see how they perform and how long they last.

Maxxis Presa Detour rear, originally uploaded by Invicta Moto.

Nice and meaty... fitted at 60825 miles.

New Maxxis rear tyre, originally uploaded by Invicta Moto.

25 July 2009

BMW System Luggage

Had a shock in the week when pricing up the handle unit for my BMW topbox - £118 or thereabouts excluding lock barrel.

The problem I was having seems to lie in the handle being wrenched up whilst it was still locked. Not by me, so I can only assume by some thieving scum. I've not had anything nicked though.

I looked at simply buying a new box and bid on ebay only for the seller to cancel the auction.

So today I had it to pieces. Three screws to remove the lock barrel. Couldn't see how the handle "friction" workd. Took the other side off... Can't see a prob there either, but did have an R shaped spring pop out. God knows where it came from!

Reassembled and it seems fixed. Oh well.

22 July 2009

Screen on highest setting

Screen on highest setting, originally uploaded by Invicta Moto.

After years and years decided to change the angle of the lower part of the screen. It moves the top further away from my body. It does seem less noisy.

More noticeable with visor up at low speeds.

60080 Miles

60080 Miles, originally uploaded by Invicta Moto.

21 July 2009

60000 miles

I knew that today would be the day that 60000 came up on the odometer and of course I was right. But where would it be?

Somewhere photogenic? No. Actually as I was exiting the Blackwall Tunnel in drizzly nasty rain. So no picture.

10 July 2009

What is it about red lights in London?

It seems the Government sees more revenue in speed cameras; blighting the country even in the middle of nowhere with speed cameras.

They hide their money mining under the cover of "safety" and create loads of Safety Camera Partnerships. Partners with who exactly?

The real need for a camera or two with zero tolerance are traffic light junctions. On my ride in there are several pinch points where traffic get clogged, and usually it is because some ignorant arrogant ass has goen through the yeklloe and in most cases the red.

More dangerously there is an element who live around Commercial Road that see that red light as no different to the green one unless there is traffic crossing their path. These assholes need weeding out and removing from the roads!

What of the Metropolitan Police?  Too busy ringing their hands over reports into their failures in the wake of the Stephen Lawerence murder and beating up G8 non-protesters to get off their fat arses and police the streets.

Maybe it need a kid to die when some scum runs a red before they'll do anything?  Don't hold your breath.

9 July 2009

59000 miles

59000 miles, originally uploaded by Invicta Moto.

On the way home tonight I noticed as I was in the petrol station that I was about 9 miles to the odometer turning over to the next thousand.

I took this pic as I was on the way out of Aldington as the 59000 popped up.

The quality is pretty crap as the new Blackberry Storm with its supposed 3 megapixel camera is not all that good, although one of the pics I took in Holland a few weeks ago was okay and not in the slightest blurred.

6 July 2009

Danger Will Robinson!

Okay, nothing to do with "Lost in Space"!

Today was a strange ride in to work, and I needed my own personal Robbie the Robot on a couple of occasions... Firstly the po-faced bitch that decided to move into my lane on the M20 as I was actually alongside her; my front wheel level with the rear door on her Hyundai Getz. She knew she was in the wrong as when I went past she had that fixed neck look, staring ahead. Not even the decency to apologise.

I know there is a blind spot on the Getz but it isn't where I was. We have a Getz as well and I have driven it quite frequently. Perhaps cocooned in her car with the Take That or worse on the stereo just pulling from one lane to the other doesn't need any mirror work.

When they teach these fecktards to drive they need to actually get them to turn their heads once in a while?

The second alarm was as I approached the M20/M25 junction, it looked as though there was a fog cloud to the right in the direction of the Dartford Tunnel. It wasn't fog but a cloud of spray. It has just rained and the spray was quite dense. Not as dense as the retards that were still pissing along at whatever ridiculous speed into the cloud... No lights made it even more dangerous. I'm amazed that with four lanes of packed traffic that there were no accidents.

In the nearside lane I looked in the mirror to see a Merc flying up my arse so a jink onto the hard shoulder kept me out of the bloke's way... luckily he found enough room to swerve into lane 2 before he got to where I was.

How the feck do we have the safest roads in Europe?

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