10 July 2009

What is it about red lights in London?

It seems the Government sees more revenue in speed cameras; blighting the country even in the middle of nowhere with speed cameras.

They hide their money mining under the cover of "safety" and create loads of Safety Camera Partnerships. Partners with who exactly?

The real need for a camera or two with zero tolerance are traffic light junctions. On my ride in there are several pinch points where traffic get clogged, and usually it is because some ignorant arrogant ass has goen through the yeklloe and in most cases the red.

More dangerously there is an element who live around Commercial Road that see that red light as no different to the green one unless there is traffic crossing their path. These assholes need weeding out and removing from the roads!

What of the Metropolitan Police?  Too busy ringing their hands over reports into their failures in the wake of the Stephen Lawerence murder and beating up G8 non-protesters to get off their fat arses and police the streets.

Maybe it need a kid to die when some scum runs a red before they'll do anything?  Don't hold your breath.

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Rob said...

I got one of those photo tickets in Denver and I fought it. Some how I won. With all the cameras watching us life seems more like a soap opera every day. Stay safe!

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