29 February 2016

New Specs

On Saturday I went to Tesco to visit the opticians. For non-UK readers that's a little like Walmart. Except Tesco don't sell guns and ammunition.

The eye test was free, and as I am over 60 now, it would have been anyway. They were very thorough and my prescription has changed a little. The right eye needing a slightly stronger lens than before. 

I've not had a new pair for quite a few years and as we pay into Simplyhealth insurance I thought I'd splash out on a decent designer pair. There is an offer of buy one pair get another free.  So I have opted for a pair of Oakley's with plain lenses and a pair of Ray-Bans with sunglass lenses.

As I need reading glasses I opted for a cheap pair. No designer needed.

Ordered on Saturday and I had a call tonight to say two pairs are ready. But which two?

17 February 2016

Coastal Challenge 2016 - Part 3

After 16 days on the road, including a few rest days, the Challenge has been aborted. Not due to any of the guys having a problem, but a strange dispute about liability insurance between the Veterans for Veterans that are doing the walking and the Garrison Girls charity that have been collecting the money.

It all seems very nasty at the moment so it means that my out-riding debut is cancelled.

Hopefully they will manage to get something sorted with another charity umbrella and try again later in the year.

14 February 2016

The Devall Boys

This year it looks like two trips away. A short one to Oldham and a longer one to Brno.

The Devall Boys

7 February 2016

On the Cliff

Although I was unable to go on the bike run, I did get to go for a walk with Claire and Reggie to the White Cliffs.

Now that we have started to name storms, it was apparently Imogen that was bearing down on us. The sea was rough and the wind blowing a gale.

Langdon Cliff
Claire and Reggie

But nothing can stop a break for a cup of tea and a scone.

Fred Hill Run 2016 - Part 2

Sadly I didn't go. Apart from bad weather I wasn't feeling too good. 

Every so often as a result of my low heart pumping capacity, I have bouts of fatigue and my day is ruined, or at least the early part is.

3 February 2016

World Cancer Day - February 4th

Movember wristbands
There can't be many people that have never known anyone that has died from cancer.

There will be others that are lucky enough to know someone that has recovered from cancer.

There will be others that have survived the illness themselves.

Days like this are to bring awareness to the world.

A wristband won't help find a cure but it will raise money to fund research into fighting and eradicating this some time in the future. It will no doubt be too late for people of my generation, indeed it may take several generations before the battle is won.

The ball is in our court.

Change of URL and Title

As we are into the centenary year since the Battle of the Somme,  I have changed the URL to reflect that the blog is about many trips and not just the 98th.

That meant the title and the description needed to be changed as well.  

I hope that if anyone that was a follower will stay followers!


Coastal Challenge 2016 - Part 2

The good news is that The Paulster and Pepe le Rouge have been chosen for the outrider duty.  Good news. 

The walk started on time and for the first few days they have made progress and are on schedule.

2 February 2016

Coastal Challenge 2016

There is a group of veterans doing a charity walk from Land’s End to London via the entire south coast. They are walking under the banner of “Veterans4Veterans”. They approached the Royal British Legion Riders for some help with providing outriders for their walk. Needing two riders a day to lead and Tail-End their walkers along mainly A and B roads. They are hoping to walk around 20 miles a day and this will bring them into Kent on Day22, or February 22nd. 

I am an RBLR member and contacted the local rep to volunteer my services, if needed, on Day 23, when the walkers will go from New Romney to Dover. They will pass my house, or at least 200 yards from it and although I won’t walk, I have volunteered to do my bit and be one of the outriders. Waiting to see. I have the day booked off work to take part.

 It is a good cause, raising awareness and money for military charities supporting our service personnel suffering from PTSD and homelessness.

Fred Hill Run 2016

The Fred Hill Run is this coming Sunday.  Hopefully the weather will be kind to us this year.  I have been a few times before but  missed last year as I awoke to ice and freezing conditions so Dora stayed in the garage!

 I led the 2014 ride from the famous Ace Café to Pentonville Prison and so this year it falls to someone else to lead.  The route looks to be A40 to Kings Cross and then up Caledonian Road to the prison. 

It looks as though I will be the only Meldrew on the run, although our Midlands member, Elaine, might have a run down to meet us.

I must ensure the battery on my camera is charged up and I remember to insert a memory card this year (!) to make sure I get Pepe le Rouge pictured outside the café! The last time with Döra was a foul-up.

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