29 February 2016

New Specs

On Saturday I went to Tesco to visit the opticians. For non-UK readers that's a little like Walmart. Except Tesco don't sell guns and ammunition.

The eye test was free, and as I am over 60 now, it would have been anyway. They were very thorough and my prescription has changed a little. The right eye needing a slightly stronger lens than before. 

I've not had a new pair for quite a few years and as we pay into Simplyhealth insurance I thought I'd splash out on a decent designer pair. There is an offer of buy one pair get another free.  So I have opted for a pair of Oakley's with plain lenses and a pair of Ray-Bans with sunglass lenses.

As I need reading glasses I opted for a cheap pair. No designer needed.

Ordered on Saturday and I had a call tonight to say two pairs are ready. But which two?

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