24 December 2016

Jabra BT620 Headphones

Going through a box of electronic gear I came across these again, complete with the manual.

It's been a while since I last used them. Some six hours of charging and I have been using them for a week now. 

The last time I had them out was 2013!


Over time the foam ear pieces have rotted away and so I took the remains off and binned them.

I gave a new set coming for Christmas and so their reprieve from the bin might not be for long.

23 December 2016

Bike and Biker Books - Great Reading

For many many years I have been an avid reader. It's what (in part) makes me a clever clogs when we play Trivial Pursuit. Surprisingly though rubbish at Scrabble.

I have several interests. I like fantasy and SF.  I like detective series books. And mostly, I like to live vicariously through the lives and trips of other motorcyclists.  Adventure motorcyclists as the authors no doubt want to be called.

Here is a short list of the books I have read recently.

The Long Ride 'Home' - Nathan Milward
Llamas, Bananas and Bears - Stephen Mason
Two Years on the Run - Luther Maddy
Looking for America - Ian Mutch
One Man on a Bike - Richard Georgiou
Touching the World - Cathy Birchall
Through Dust and Darkness - Jeremy Kroeker

All a little different with a different level of preparedness and planning undertaken before they set off.

Perfect for those winter months when the bikes are locked away in the garages and cabin fever is setting in.

If you have any to add, please put the titles and authors in the comments.

AirBag Revolution

I signed up to see if I can get on the testing team for an airbag vest.  

I have read about the various jackets and can't say that I am too enthused at being connected to the bike with a cable to the jacket. it may work for snow mobiles to stop them carrying on and killing a bus queue, but being tied to the bike... No thanks.

This one is self contained and electronically deployed.

So fingers crossed I am one of the 500.  

17 December 2016

Behind You. Panto Time.


I don't know if other countries have pantomime as part of their theatrical tradition but here in Great Britain it is a major part of the Christmas season.

Many towns and cities will have their own; from local amateur dramatic productions to big all star cast productions.

A recent trend has been to attract "big names" from the world of TV to star in the productions and bring in the audiences. The soap opera world in particular.

This year at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury the cast was headed by Stephen Mulhern, who we know as a game show host.

In Ben Roddy we have a superb dame. If you don't know what a panto dame is, Google it.

Don't bother.... Here's the wiki definition - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantomime_dame

This year the panto was Dick Whittington. The tale of the young man coming to London to seek his fame and fortune.

This Dick achieved his fame and won the girl of his dreams, Alice, a rather different way. Going to sea and being shipwrecked in Morocco and defeating the King of the Rats there is a very different story. As a reward he became Lord Mayor of London.

Another brilliant show.  Another triumph.

Dick Whittington was actually a real person. He was born almost 650 years ago and was Lord Mayor four times. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Whittington

Not far from where I work there is the hospital and the cat mentioned in the link above. The cat is made of brass and enclosed in a wire cage

Next year Peter Pan.

We enjoyed it so much I have already booked for next year. This year the seats were a bit too high and we had people in front with St Vitus Dance (google it!) and so I booked us front row circle seats instead. No one in front of us. 

15 December 2016


I have read all the books in the series by Michael Connolly, in order, from the start to the current end.

So when I saw that it had been made for TV I had to watch it. Unfortunately it is on Amazon Prime. Luckily due to a screw up I got stuck with a year's subscription and so I have been trying to watch it on my tablet.

Since getting a smart TV I have been able to watch on a big screen. I'm on the first series and now see there's a second!

Prime runs out in a week. Renew or not?

Update 31/12/2017

Decided to take the hit and stick with Prime.  Amazon has so many TV series that won't make it to the "normal" channels and my Samsung Smart TV can show these programs in full 54", then it was worth sticking with Prime for another year.

2 December 2016

Sinterklaastreffen 2016

After a week of scraping ice off the car and -4C (24.8F) mornings I decided that if I was going to be going on my own that I would abort. Too cold and miserable on your own.

As well as that "fair weather biker" excuse I got a real one. Trying to catch the dog in the garden I twisted the end joint on my left index finger, making it so painful I couldn't even pull the zipper on my jeans left handed!  I am left handed BTW!  So pulling the clutch was o-u-t!

So with Meldrew's clubmate Cal pulling out with a knee injury I decided that abort was best.

Oh well!

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