15 December 2016


I have read all the books in the series by Michael Connolly, in order, from the start to the current end.

So when I saw that it had been made for TV I had to watch it. Unfortunately it is on Amazon Prime. Luckily due to a screw up I got stuck with a year's subscription and so I have been trying to watch it on my tablet.

Since getting a smart TV I have been able to watch on a big screen. I'm on the first series and now see there's a second!

Prime runs out in a week. Renew or not?

Update 31/12/2017

Decided to take the hit and stick with Prime.  Amazon has so many TV series that won't make it to the "normal" channels and my Samsung Smart TV can show these programs in full 54", then it was worth sticking with Prime for another year.

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