23 December 2016

Bike and Biker Books - Great Reading

For many many years I have been an avid reader. It's what (in part) makes me a clever clogs when we play Trivial Pursuit. Surprisingly though rubbish at Scrabble.

I have several interests. I like fantasy and SF.  I like detective series books. And mostly, I like to live vicariously through the lives and trips of other motorcyclists.  Adventure motorcyclists as the authors no doubt want to be called.

Here is a short list of the books I have read recently.

The Long Ride 'Home' - Nathan Milward
Llamas, Bananas and Bears - Stephen Mason
Two Years on the Run - Luther Maddy
Looking for America - Ian Mutch
One Man on a Bike - Richard Georgiou
Touching the World - Cathy Birchall
Through Dust and Darkness - Jeremy Kroeker

All a little different with a different level of preparedness and planning undertaken before they set off.

Perfect for those winter months when the bikes are locked away in the garages and cabin fever is setting in.

If you have any to add, please put the titles and authors in the comments.

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