6 July 2009

Danger Will Robinson!

Okay, nothing to do with "Lost in Space"!

Today was a strange ride in to work, and I needed my own personal Robbie the Robot on a couple of occasions... Firstly the po-faced bitch that decided to move into my lane on the M20 as I was actually alongside her; my front wheel level with the rear door on her Hyundai Getz. She knew she was in the wrong as when I went past she had that fixed neck look, staring ahead. Not even the decency to apologise.

I know there is a blind spot on the Getz but it isn't where I was. We have a Getz as well and I have driven it quite frequently. Perhaps cocooned in her car with the Take That or worse on the stereo just pulling from one lane to the other doesn't need any mirror work.

When they teach these fecktards to drive they need to actually get them to turn their heads once in a while?

The second alarm was as I approached the M20/M25 junction, it looked as though there was a fog cloud to the right in the direction of the Dartford Tunnel. It wasn't fog but a cloud of spray. It has just rained and the spray was quite dense. Not as dense as the retards that were still pissing along at whatever ridiculous speed into the cloud... No lights made it even more dangerous. I'm amazed that with four lanes of packed traffic that there were no accidents.

In the nearside lane I looked in the mirror to see a Merc flying up my arse so a jink onto the hard shoulder kept me out of the bloke's way... luckily he found enough room to swerve into lane 2 before he got to where I was.

How the feck do we have the safest roads in Europe?

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