30 October 2018

Movember - Just Two Days to kick-off

Bully-off or tip-off for you that aren't football aware!

To find out more about why some dumbos like me will be shaving smooth and then starting a mo on Thursday, check out the link:  https://uk.movember.com/

To donate some moeny to my attempt, then of course you are very welcome.  Movember is an international fund raisong charity and so whatever currency you want to use, they will accept.

I kicked off my account with £5. That's 10% of my target.  I'm sure that some of you can afford a quid, or a euro or a buck, for what is a good cause.

Of course, other currencies are available.

You donate here:  https://mobro.co/invicta-grow-the-mo

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