9 October 2018

FD-MOTO Throttle Grip Lock

Luckily, I was gifted it.  It didn't seem to work for the donor and so he gave it to me.  Complete with half destroyed bubble packaging.

It seems like a good idea to protect the bike for a short time.  It fits over the throttle grip and applies the front brake. Allegedly this will stop the bike being pushed away and it can't be ridden.

Obviously the professional thief will come equipped and chop the brake lines and push it away or simply, with the aid of scum mates, lift and  put in in a van.

But it might deter the half-witted thief that happens past where you are parked.


It doesn't fit the Rocket either.  If I pull the brake lever in as far as I can go it still won't fit. 

Looks like it will be gifted again.....

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