15 August 2018


Not "oh" but Occupational Health.

As a recovering cardiac patient who was "fixed" in 2015 with an angioplasty that inserted a stent into my heart, I do suffer from some bouts of fatigue.

Sometimes these bouts of fatigue can last for a few hours to half a day and rarely, a little longer.

As a result I have more days off sick than is contractually acceptable at work.

Often my offer to work from home when I feel better but maybe not well enough to travel for my (morning) 1h 40m commute, is turned down by management. And so another sick day is added to the list when I could be productive for about 60% of the working day.

So they refer me to Occupational Health.

Occupational Health used to be a department within the Council. But for a number of years it has been outsourced. Outsourcing is still big news for many organisations.

Last year they interviewed me at St Pancras Hospital. This year a new OH provider, at nice offices in the City of London. In fact right next to Lloyds of London on Leadenhall Street, have taken on the contract.

The consultant interviewed me for about an hour. I gave her a copy of the report from July 4th 2017, and oddly. She agreed with it.

Maybe this time they will listen? Or at least read the report and agree to implement the suggestions.

On the way back to Bank Underground station I passed this building.

It used to be the NatWest Tower. The offices of a UK bank. My brother worked for them and then Royal Bank of Scotland after a takeover/merge, although not here.

He did go once many years ago after the IRA detonated a car bomb in the street, and only then to check on some servers.

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