12 August 2018

First EPL game of the season #ARSMCI

The 2018/19 EPL season kicked off with Manchester United beating Leicester City on Friday evening. A win aided by another fortuitous penalty. After only three minutes this time. The brown envelope came out early!!

Today it's Arsenal's turn to play. A new era.

Wenger is gone and the new younger boss has taken over. We have made some signings and some players have left.

Where some clubs have been spending in excess of £100m Arsenal have been around the £60m mark. Only. The sort of money in the game (if that's what it is now) is horrific.

The fixture computer had sorted us out with one of the hardest two weeks imaginable.

Today we host Champions Manchester City at the Emirates Stadium and next weekend! Away at London rivals and FA Cup winners Chelsea.

What does the future hold? Post Wenger it's a case of starting again. New coach (not manager) and a new regime throughout the club. A new philosophy too?


Only time will tell.
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