4 July 2018

Nice Walk in Lympne

With Claire volunteering to help run The Guide Dogs for the Blind stall at Lympne School, Reggie and I had a walk around the village.

Lympne has a Castle and down the road is the Port Lympne wildlife and conservation park. It also has a church built in the 12th Century AD or 1300 to 1399. 

History actually goes further back here.  The Romans landed earlier near Sandwich where there is a huge Roman fort at what is now called Richborough.  They arrived here at Portus Lemanis a little later. Very little is left of their structures.

As Britain is struggling through a heatwave I had to choose a route where Reggie wouldn't get overheated or get his paws burned.

We left Claire at the school and I was able to park the car on the main road outside in the shade. Even so the temp gauge on the dashboard was showing 28°C.

We crossed the road and headed towards the castle under the shade of the trees. It took a while to reach first the church and then the castle as Reggie is a sniffer dog. He's also a widdler.

I always carry a bottle of water and a dog bowl with me as well as poo-bags and treats.

At the church we walked through the cemetery to the back to check out the view.

You'd never guess that the church was at least 600 years old.

Once we had enjoyed the view we had a drink, or Reggie did, and then had a walk around the church yard to give us a chance to see some of the graves. Many are very old and overgrown.

Whilst I am a snapper there was a pro photographer at large with her DSLR taking some artistic pix.

From here we walked around the village. The castle was closed as they had an event. It's a popular spot for weddings etc.

We returned to the car. It was very hot and I messaged Claire to say I was taking Reggie home. Our walking day was over.
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