15 June 2018

Wireless Headphones

I do like to listen to music and have been looking for a decent pair of discreet headphones. Looking like a Cyberman with flashing blue lights is a no-no.

Something without wires. I saw these MPOW Bluetooth headphones. They had a good set of reviews although some reviewers said that they were a bit heavy on the bass.

That doesn't bother me with my different musical tastes.

Currently my phone has some ska from Madness and the Dualers (recommended), The Shires, Joe Bonamassa and plenty of metal with Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Metallica...

They connect, pair, to the Samsung Galaxy S6 really easily. The controls are simple.

On the right side is the power/pause button and both + and - volume buttons. And of course the micro-USB socket for the power lead.

I chose the "sports" style with the over ear loop. Not because I am sporty but so the damned things don't fall out of my ear.

When turned on, holding the button in for three or four seconds. A voice pipes up to tell you power is on and whether it is connected to the phone.

The volume is okay but this is more controlled by the volume of the music was stored at on the phone. It's loud enough to hide the phone shouters and tap-tap laptop users.

So are they worth the £19.99? Most assuredly.
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