6 June 2018

GDPR Again

On a personal note I have yet to see any improvement in the amount of crap I get landing in my Yahoo account inbox. I use Yahoo as a dumping ground. So if I enter a competition I can use that account where I expect to be inundated afterwards.   I use my Gmail account for blogging and emails I care about.

As I ignored or replied "drop me" to loads of emails I had expected post May 25th 2018 to have less in my inbox every morning, but it seems those that I said no to, and that seem to have removed me, were the ones that I hardly hear from or had not heard from for years anyway.

On a work front, I have been given the job of going to schools in the borough and auditing there preparedness for GDPR.

Although May 25th saw the law coming into force in the UK, it is such a massive job that the Information Commissioner has given everyone a break until October 2018 before they will start pursuing any cases.....

See how that all pans out.

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