3 April 2018


So what is coming up?

Joe Bonamassa is on tour over there again and I would like to see him again. He's not very local and then the £80 a ticket price put me off.   I appreciate that it costs to put on a show, the transport, musicians and some dollars left, but this is a lot of money. With add-on costs like booking fees, travel and maybe an overnight stay (as I said not too local) we are looking at about £300 ($400+) for the concert.

Next on the calendar are are The Shires at the Leas Cliff Hall.  This in in May the week before we go to Spain for a week's touring.  

The Shires are categorised as "New Country" apparently. I have never been a great fan of country music as such. I can't help thinking of the Billy Connolly comedy song!

Once in a while though, you hear something and like it. You follow that up with maybe getting an album. You like it and then you get all the albums.  And that's what has happened with The Shires. 

Not wanting to which my like away, but roll on May.

The other events is that we have already bought tickets for the Illegal Eagles in January 2019!

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