7 March 2018

TomTom 410 - Update

I connected the TomTom for the first time in a few months and it said there were three updates to install.

Two of them were map sets, Europe v10.05 and USA v10.05 plus the little fixes that are the community fixes.

I let it download all of them and that came to about 12gb. That bit took about an hour with a few hiccups with the internet dropping out. 

And then it seems to have ground to a halt.  At 100% download it sat for over an hour "checking". In the end I stopped it and started it again and it started to do the updates. This time I was able to untick the USA maps update as they aren't going to be needed this year.

The update of just Europe and the fixes came up to take about an hour.

Then it came up to say there were two updates, another community jobbie and the USA still outstanding from the earlier run through.

I ticked that as well and it took another hour, at least it had the USA maps already downloaded.

So after about 5 hours I had all the updates downloaded and installed.


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