25 March 2018

Ightham Mote

Kent Big Weekend was today. We were up a little late as the clocks went forward and we lost an hour.

We are now on British Summer Time. Yay!

Picking my Aunt Yvonne up in Maidstone made for a slight detour and I left it to TomTom to work it. We had a nice trip across and around West Kent to find Ightham Mote. Unexpectedly we arrived from a different direction to the one I thought.

Once parked Claire and Yvonne went to have a look around the house and garden and Reggie and I took to one of the estate walks.  Reggie isn't allowed in the garden or the house.

Our walk took about 40 minutes of mixed terrain. We met a few other dogs on the walk and only had one small problem when a staffie cross made a few high speed passes all the while growling. Reggie returned the greeting.

The woods were full of primroses and we had a photo session by a bench hollowed out to be a bench.

After a sit down we navigated a few muddy bits of the path.  We were on a path signed "disabled" so I have no idea how that works!

The café was full when we got back to the entrance so I messaged Claire and we waited for them near the car.

From here I let TomTom take us to the Fox and Hounds for lunch.

Between us we had a steak and kidney pudding, cod steak and pork belly. All superb.

Then time to head back. Blindly allowing TomTom to route us. Some oddities but most were easily overriden by me.

Another lovely day.

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Trobairitz said...

It was nice that you and reggie could get out for a walk and stop to smell the flowers too.

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