19 February 2018

There'll be bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover

"There'll be bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover" or so the wartime song that was sung by forces sweetheart Vera Lynn goes. But is it true **?

Anyway. This weekend we had dog walks by two different faces of these cliffs

Saturday afternoon

Our intended destination was the National Trust's White Cliffs Visitor Centre and then a walk along towards the South Foreland Lighthouse.  But, as we approached the parking we found it closed.  There was a "police incident".

On the road past the entrance towards the  village of St Margaret's we encountered lots of police and coastguard vehicles. Towards the cliffs we could see loads of hi-viz clad bodies.
Bypassing them we ended up at St Margaret's Bay. It's a narrow winding road down the cliff to sea level. It was packed. Maybe with the NT closed this was the result?

We managed to get a parking place and got Reggie out. The walk wouldn't be too long as the bay isn't that big. At the south end (nearest Dover) there is chalk pavement that is covered when the tide is in. 

As it was out Reggie enjoyed trying out all the rock pools. Luckily managing not to fall into any deep holes. He loves the sea.

Northern end of the bay
Southern end of the bay
Reggie on the chalk pavement

Sunday afternoon

This time we did make it to the White Cliffs Visitor Centre.  It was also packed. Since we last went they have marked paring places instead of four levels up the cliffs with free for all parking. 

We went up to level three and parked at the end nearest the steps down. As it was another clear and sunny day, still chilly though, there were many people around. Unlike yesterday, we decided to have coffee before a walk. Good choice. Reggie was well behaved at this point.

After coffee we had a walk along the coast to the top of Langdon Cliff. I took the Canon 1100D with me.  It hasn't been out much and I had charged one of the batteries!

Claire bought a couple of blankets from the shop. They are made of recycled yarn. We have quite a few but Claire decided we needed some more.

Reggie blotted his copybook when he went for a little black cockapoo as we were heading from the car after dropping off the blankets. Like people I guess dogs can't  like everyone.

Langdon Cliff
Claire and Reggie
Dover Coastguard Station
P&O Ferry approaching the harbour

**  The song made the troops overseas think of home, the White Cliffs being a symbol of British resistance to the Nazi invasion across Europe.  It's not true.. We don't have bluebirds in England.....

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Trobairitz said...

Looks like you had a couple of great walks. It is nice you had some sunshine even if it was a little chilly.

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