26 February 2018

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Apparently some of the more eagle eyed amongst you out there has noticed the small penpic picture over to the right of the ramblings on this page.

Yes. That is ME.

Comments to this page and indeed all my blogs and shared blogs are for review and don't get posted if I don't like them.   This enables me to weed out the trolls and other nutters that post some pretty nasty comments, usually nothing to do with the content of the article, but there you go.

The picture was taken on a trip I did in 2016 to Germany and the Czech Republic for the MotoGP. It was taken in Nuremberg. It was taken of me on a balcony overlooking the Zeppelin Field.  

Google it.

Here is the easy to read part using simple English:

I am not a supporter of an extreme right wing political party formerly associated with the third and fourth decades of the 20th century in Germany. I was simply a tourist visiting what is now a tourist site.  I was there with my brother and two coach loads of other assorted tourists.

Understand? Then stop commenting foul abuse and bile plus other crap. I simply delete them anyway.

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