27 February 2018

MAG News - ULEZ MAG's response

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) strongly urges Transport for London (TfL) to drop its victimisation of the poorest in society to no public or environmental benefit, and has called on TfL to demonstrate 'a degree of moderation and common sense.'

MAG submitted a further response to TfL on the long-running threatened user charges for riders of older motorbikes.

Machines built before around 2007 face a massive £12.50 per day charge in the capital.

MAG's Director of Communications & Public Affairs, Lembit Öpik, has appealed to TfL 'to show a degree of common sense here. The category of riders using older machines is small, and they largely do so because they can't afford newer bikes. It's hugely socially unjust to hike up the cost of their commute by over 1,000% while drivers in cars like a new Rolls Royce pay nothing – even though these obviously generate more emissions than a 20-year-old 50cc four-stroke moped.

We've made our points repeatedly – and with painstaking reference to science and social realities and the problem of getting to work at unsociable hours to do low-paid jobs.

TfL can still do the right thing and recognise that they're simply punishing those least able to pay more for public transport or for a newer motorbike.

'Remember, there's no benefit to the environment. These bikes produce almost no pollution and reduce congestion, thereby reducing 'secondary' pollution. Forcing them off the road increases pressure on over-loaded public transport, or drives these citizens out of work altogether. MAG has presented TfL with a moderate and well reasoned case but we have received no indication that they are listening.

The MAG response is available here:


The consultation ends on 28th February 2018, but please continue to make your concerns known directly to the Mayor at:


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