28 November 2017

Oldham Athletic @ The Gills

Saturday was the first opportunity to see Latics in the south this year when I could go. I missed the relatively local trip to Gillingham last year as it clashed with something else. This year I got a ticket for my brother as well. 

We met at Gillingham station and walked down to the ground.  It was bitterly cold.  Even with four layers of clothes and a woolly hat it was still freezing.

The game wasn't too bad and a draw was a fair enough result, but Latics could have won had they shot a bit more often and the keeper made a save from a swerving ball and they cleared one off the line.  The Latics' keeper, Johnny Placido, made a world class save from a free-kick in the last seconds of the game.

The journey home was okay. I got a seat at Ebbsfleet. I was home in good time.

Due to both side being eliminated from the FA Cup.  On December 2nd they are once again down south at Southend United.  If the weather is too shitty to go to Ostend. I might go over there.  Last time I rode there but if it is too shitty for Ostend it will be too shitty for that as well.

Luckily though. The journey by train doesn't look too bad. Southend is way outside my season ticket (train not football!). 

London has nine zones forming rings around the city. My season ticket is valid for zones 1 to 6. So I'll need a ticket from Zone 6 out to Prittlewell. The nearest station to the stadium.

Let's see what the weather brings us.

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