18 November 2017

Dainese Scout Evo GTX gloves

After last weekend's ride in just about 2°C air temperature I knew I needed a new pair of more winter season gloves.

Santa unfortunately doesn't come to me anymore so it was left to Mastercard  to get involved.

We dropped into Laguna and after choosing a glove I thought might fit the bill but on the way to see if they had my size, I saw the "sale" bin. The still came in at over a £100.

In there we some Dainese gloves. Part leather part fabric.  I tried a pair on and like Goldilocks one pair too big. One pair too small but the next pair.  Just right.

You simply know. The fit was so "easy". Natural I suppose you could say.

I've worn them about the house and tomorrow if the weather isn't too wintry they'll get the first outing.

Update 19/11/2017

Didn't get to try them out. At 2°C and frosty road and car iced I decided not to risk it.

Felt a bit guilty until on the back road I witnessed a cyclist slide off on an ice patch. That made me feel vindicated. 

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