29 August 2017

Wenger Out!

Sunday 27th August 2017. 

A day of infamy.

Our glorious team of Arsenal Gladiators went out in the Anfield sun to do battle with the Lions of Liverpool and came back battered and bruised.  Humiliated some may say.

The lack of fight from highly paid professionals leaves a nasty taste in the mouths of fans. "Wenger Out!" is the cry on those same battered lips. 

"Wenger Out!" is the cry from even committed Gooners and ex-players like Ian Wright.

The apologists for the French Professor keep repeating the mantra that he has done so much for the club in the 20 years he has been in charge. So many victories. Invincible even.

"It's not his fault" they cry in return, but the "Wenger Out!" Cries begin to double, then double again.

"How is it nor his fault?" The cry goes up. 

His starting eleven contains one of the finest right backs in the country starting on the left. He leaves out a German international centre back and plays a rookie who has been shite in his last two appearances. Another German international isn't even on the bench.  He plays a Spanish Left-back at centre back.

Remember who the World Chamions are? Germany.

He leaves the record signing centre forward, who cost £52m, on the bench and plays a guy that has the ball control of  a snail and the goal tally of a retarded sloth.

On top of those slight errors he plays two players that have been agitating to leave.  

One of whom has been "Mr Sicknote" up to now and the other actually leaves the day after for a rival club - see update below - one game player after he had a stomach pull and then a cold, or was it the other way around.  It means that it was late August before he made an appearance.

The former is huffing and puffing inside twenty minutes as the game isn't going the way he wants. Another German international floats through the game ineffectively and then also starts to wave his arms like a sulking school child.

They ship too many goals to lose 4-0. Each one was a personal cock-up by a player that led to Liverpool taking the ball and a few passes later scoring.

With the game lost and beyond the wit of anyone to look like we can drag something from the burning embers,  the great leader brings on £52m man and the other French striker.  Both of them rivals for the same French international starting place. Both of them see little of the ball as it seems the remainder of the starting XI seems unable to get the ball to them. Or simply are incapable.

The shit and the fan come together.  Wenger looks shaken in the post match interview. He refuses to answer the question about the "Wenger Out!" banners and shouts from the fans that have travelled 200 miles on a Bank Holiday Sunday with little of no public transport available and with expectations of getting home sometime in the wee small hours.  Thank you Frank Sinatra for naming them.

He whispers the usual platitudes about players not being on their game. Once again he defends the clowns he put on the team sheet.

At least there is an international break for a week or so before we have another attempt to play.  With 15 clubs above us in the table we are lucky it's one of the ones below us; Bournemouth. 

Another galling thing is that we were f*cked by a Liverpool side playing the game that we used to play before Wenger numbed all the talent out of the players. Pressing to win the ball. Quick passing and a fast counter attack.

When even Thierry Henry and Ian Wright, the club's two highest goalscorers, are both almost in tears to see this humiliation and both sense there is something rotten at the club, then rock bottom can't be far away.

Monday 28th August 2017. 

We awake on Monday to the news that Want-Away2 has indeed gone to a rival for what last year would be a mind blowing £35 to £40m!   Why the f**k did Wenger play him at Liverpool the day before.  He must have known the deal was done and all it needed was the player to sign and the Russian Oligarch signs the cheque. 

Rumours persist on the sports channels that the German international dropped in favour of the Rookie also wants away and has been talking to Inter Milan of Italy. We are resigned to players leaving. It's no longer a surprise.

The international transfer window closes in about 52 hours after me writing - 2300 on the 31st August - by then "Sicknote" will have f*cked off to a rival and we will have no room to manoeuvre. Wenger will then do as he has already done in the past,  repeat the same error, and panic buy.

We panic bought a Brazilian centre back from Spain. He's gone back already. We panic bought a Spanish striker and he wants away. He wants a chance to play for his country and from the bar or at best the bench at Arsenal he won't achieve that.  It's World Cup next year BTW.

The apologists go on about it being only three games.  We have lost two. We have a -4 goal difference and we are 16th.  Manchester United have spent more millions on players and have won all three games and are already six points ahead of us and how many goals....... 14!!!!!

In modern football - goals are worth a point at the end of the season.

Time for Arsene to quit. Go back to France and buy a nice cottage and spend the years and years of millions of pounds he must have stashed away.


Wednesday 30th August 2017

And the story has changed.

Want-Away2 has decided that he doesn't want to go the Chelsea  (sounds like a song title) but wants to go to Liverpool.  The club responsible for the shafting on Sunday... So are we supposed to think that he knew this before Wenger picked him to play. Or just coincidence.  

Whilst all this is going on we have shifted a full back with long service,  but into his last year of contract, to West Bromwich for £7m.


Sicknote has been pretty quiet after being caught laughing on the bench soon after Liverpool scored their 4th. But reportedly has asked to leave. Manchester City offer £50m. Arsenal turn it down. 

Then WantAway2 is reported to be going to Liverpool for £40m.


The club has apparently received two bids for the Spanish striker. From Deportivo, where he wants to go, and Levante, who are the club's preferred buyer.  Read "offered more money" for preferred. 

So that's £47m today. How much tomorrow on the last day of the window.

And no one coming in.


Thursday 31st August 2017

The transfer window is closed.  At 11pm it was met with a fanfare and a countdown on Sky Sports 1.

In the end the we have offloaded  Spanish striker to Deportivo on loan for the season. OS that should save the wage bill.

Sicknote stays.  The club made a desperate attempt to sign a replacement from Monaco and had agreed a massive £92m fee but that fell through so he stays with us until the January window at least. Some will say this was a token attempt as it was never going to happen.  A kind of "cover your arse" move in case Sicknote left and we were another man down.

A whole host of lesser cast members left as well either free or for the token £1m. At least we have brought in about £73m in revenue and only spend £46m.  

Kerrching again!

And are the fans happy.  Wait and see when AFC Bournemouth come to the big city.


Want-Away2 -  Alex Oxlade Chamberlain
Long Service Full Back - Keiran Gibbs
Another German International - Shkodran Mustafi
German international centre back - Per Mertesacker
Rookie - Rob Holding
Record Signing - Andre Lacazette
Sloth - Daniel Welbeck
Other French Striker - Olivier Giroud
Sicknote - Alexis Sanchez
Spanish Striker - Lucas Perez
Brazilian Centre Back - Gabriel
Spanish Left-back - Nacho Monreal
Finest right backs - Hector Bellarin

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