17 August 2017

From the Shoebox Archive - 'Cade in Spain

Those of us born before the digital revolution must have one - a shoebox archive.

This one is from way back in 1990!  The campsite is in Tarifa which can claim to the be the southern most tip of Europe in the west of the continent.  

From the beach you can clearly see the coast of Africa.

Behind the Cade is Audrey's XJ900. The bike we took across to Morocco later that week. It was so hot down there that I had problems with the clutch as the grease on the lever dried out as it was "cold weather" rated and 40ºC temperatures in the day simply reduced it to dust.

In Malaga on the way home it rained a little and turned the highway into an ice rink - water on months of rubber.......   

As you are braking and sliding with both wheels locked just stopping short of the car in front and then hear the car behind sliding faster than you and then seeing it go past makes you wonder about life.....

And here is another from the same trip:

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Pedro Bellido said...

Beautiful place! Thanks for sharing!

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