27 June 2017

Oggie 76 Bike Jeans

I needed a new pair of bike jeans and as I am once again suffering myself to lose weight with Slimming World, I didn't want to spend too much. My budget was pretty low!

I have a pair of black Kevlar lined cargo trousers but they have shrunk a little in the wash. Really.  And I have replaced the metal button already.

So a quick search on eBay revealed Oggie76.  I bought a pair(£39.95) and they arrived in two days. Just in time for British Bike Night.

They fitted rather well. Included in the price are hip and knee armour pads that fit into pockets stitched into the jeans.  The Kevlar covers the arse section and down the thigh.

The stitching on the seams looks pretty strong too.  Of course, you will only know how good they are when you slide down the road on your butt.  

The only bugbear for me, and I have emailed and told them,  is that there is only one belt loop at the back in the middle.  This allows the waist to fold a little and droop under the belt. A bit uncomfortable. There's a repair shop in the High Street in Hythe and I'll see if they can add a couple of extra ones for me. I had a pair a few years ago that had a kind of tube affair instead of a 1/2 inch wide loop. It was about 6 inches long across the back seam. Perfect for bikng.

I chose the 34" leg length although my usual jeans are 32", I did this so that when on the bike, the bottom of the legs aren't flapping about my shins. They are okay when walking.

I have only worn them once and will have a better opinion at the weekend when I go on the AMRR.

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