7 April 2017

Tomtom 410

A miserable story here.

Ever since it arrived I have been trying to get it up and running.

On the face of it the new software that was supposed to be a step forward seems in fact two steps backwards.

Most of the best functions from the older systems have been lost,  but modern app like functions such as web connections through a mobile phone are better.
Linked to an app on the phone it should mean sending a route to the unit is simpler and does away with having to connect to a computer.

So far so good. Sadly the reality is not as good. The new software doesn't handle waypoints like older TomToms and even my ancient Garmin.  You can add stops though.
When connected to a computer it shows up as a drive but unlike the older generation it can't be browsed.

I spent hours today and all seemed good. I got the route set, and even amended it slightly on the unit itself. Then I fitted the cradle and Ram mounts to Pepe and put the unit on and.... it failed.

Nothing I have tried has made it work and yet another call has been made to their support site. It didn't help that although I could login to the support site, the My Drive Connect desktop app wouldn't accept the password,  even though it is all the same.
Luckily, I still have to Urban Rider available.  Good job I didn't put it on eBay.

A few minutes tinkering and it's setup ready for my trip to Vimy Ridge on Sunday.
The login problem extended to TomTom Home as there were updates to maps but it failed with some connection errors.
Let's see what they come up after the weekend to get the 410 working.

At the moment it is looking like a massive white elephant and waste of money.

The first picture was when it actually worked and shows the route to Vimy. The other is the marvellous screen that popped up when fitted to the bike.

But as they say "The show must go on".


Trobairitz said...

That doesn't sound good. I am glad you post about your issues with the TomTom so if we are ever looking to replace our Garmin I can be forewarned. Hope they can get it sorted for you.

Neill said...

I too upgraded, thinking this would be a step forward, as new stuff usually is. The new software, however, is a real frustration. It would seem they let someone with no clue whatsoever of what the previous models could do, program the new units. Hence, as Paul says, it seems a step back. Luckily, I've not had the same issues with mine as Paul but then I'm yet to try and connect to the bike. In car, it works fine, just so long as you are aware of the not so subtle differences to the old models.

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