11 April 2017

TomTom 410 - Update

The call I logged on the TomTom Support site seems to have fallen into that hole where difficult calls disappear to when no one wants to do them.  Maybe they think that if they ignore me long enough I'll simply write-off the money and forget I bought this piece of crap.

Sadly, they are mistaken.  I have updated the call a few times and maybe asking for it to be replaced as it has never been used has caused them to go silent.

I tried to connect again last evening.  This time I was able to login to My Drive Connect and it went through the "restore" motions and re-booted the unit. But it failed again... and again and again.  In the end I aborted.

I have updated the call, again, on the Support site and also this time added a scan on the invoice from when I bought it on February 1st.

So let's see where this takes us!

P.S. The Urban Rider took me to the parking on the Vimy Trip without a hitch.

UPDATE 12/04/17 11:00

This mornings update is that is had to go back as the internal memory is u/s. TomTom have sent a label and I need to package it up and it has to go UPS to The Netherlands!!   I doubt I'll see it for a while then. They have said 7-10 days round trip. But that will  be longer as we have two Bank Holidays coming up this weekend and May Day.

A little annoying that they simply haven't just replaced it with a new one considering it is brand spanking new.

Better start scrambling around for some bubble wrap and a padded posting bag. Luckily today we had a dog food delivery and that comes with loads of those irritating plastic peanuts to pad the box out. So I might use some of those!  Let the Dutch recycle them!

I might give it one last chance before I box it up. You never know.  Murphy's law will dictate if I don't that it will arrive with TomTom and it will work when they turn it on!

UPDATE 12/04/17 20:00

The law according to Murphy.  I connected the 410 to the same laptop with the same oem cable, and started My Drive Connect and... it connected. The screen didn't come up with the error message but it booted properly!

I have updated the call and said I will keep it until after the Easter holiday weekend and see if there are any problems with it.


Trobairitz said...

Now if only they'd compensate you for your time. Fingers crossed they replace it.

Paul Devall said...

See latest upgrade.

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