24 March 2017


As we all get older, the bands we grew up with in the 70's and 80's are still coming out to play and there is always that last swansong tour that I'd like to be a part of. 

I missed the boat with quite a few, the last big one being AC/DC last year. Although we did see Black Sabbath on the next to last tour, we missed the last tour but I wasn't as unhappy about that.

So when I saw that Metallica were out on tour I was eager to get the dates.  October.... and after we get back from Florida.

Then the ridiculous link to a link to a link online booking system before a ticket can be bought.  The even worse system that it decides where you will sit based on how much you want to pay, rather than letting you choose yourself where you want to park your butt.

In the end most areas were sold out less than 25 minutes after booking opened. A box to tick to say you aren't a robot.... and we're in. All booked. 

I last saw Metallica live in Brno at the BOBY FC football stadium in the summer of 1994. There they played the Black album plus a load of favourites from the early albums.  Of course, back then they were all still pretty fresh albums!!!

Since then I have not managed to get a ticket, or they have appeared at festivals where tickets are for the weekend are very expensive.  

So with the No Robots allowed to buy tickets how many will be on the resellers websites already at vastly inflated prices.....?

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