16 November 2016

Ring of Red 2016

Sunday dawned nice and sunny. But cold.

After watching the Cenotaph Remembrance service I got toggled up and left about 1145. The idea was to meet other Meldrews at one of the service stations on the A2 but as plans go it was rather rubbish as none of them came, deciding to have breakfast elsewhere.

In the end I made the pitstop at Cobham Services and by accident I put super unleaded in the tank. Some goon had switched the nozzles over into the wrong holsters. And I didn't read the pump handle.so ended up paying 130.9 a litre instead of 116.9!!!

This year mine was the only bike there on the day  I caught up with another one on the A2 as we approached the M25 and then saw a few more as we entered the service area, which was packed with bikes. 

A large part of the car park was roped of for us and it was already pretty full when I arrived about 1310.

I hardly had any time to snap a few photos before we all mounted up and headed for the M25.

The ride itself went off pretty well. I only went as far as Clacket Lane and went past this time turning back at the next interchange.

The idea was that we should get onto the M25 and ride in single staggered file about 4 bike lengths apart. Reality was that loads of bikes were bunched up in large groups and then massive gaps...

Arriving home just before 3pm in time for late lunch and dog walkies.

In the end  we didn't complete the ring around London. Maybe because of the bunching and stupid gaps.


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Trobairitz said...

The bunching and gaps has to be the worst part of trying to ride in a large formation. It just doesn't work well.

Nice to see the sun cam out for you though.

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