16 September 2016

Frank Thomas Jacket

I was reading a Facebook post about a £1000 BMW suit that had leaked quite badly on the chest and back at the first rain of the autumn.

On the Thankful Villages Run in 2013 it piddled with rain all day, all the way from Kent to London's Whitehall and the FT Aqua kept me dry.  In fact, only my gloves got wet, sodden in fact.  A guy from Triumph in one of their Explorer suits was soaked to the skin.  

So I had a search through "On the Road Again" to see how old my Frank Thomas Jacket is. I was amazed to see the post was way back in June 2008.

My ex-wife used my profligate spending in her own counter-suit to mine of adultery....But in reality I don't spend fortunes on gear.

I don't thing 8 years for a jacket and 16 for boots is that profligate.

Anyway. The point of dredging this up was to say that or a £99 jacket (less sale discount) is still waterproof.

Although it has faded and no longer black black it still does what it was bought to do. I am dry and generally warm wearing it and I wear it four seasons.

At the BMW price I could get 80 years of FT wear. 

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Trobairitz said...

That length of time for the jacket to still be waterproof speaks volumes about its quality.

I still have my same Rev'it jacket from 6-7 years ago as well. It is my go to jacket year round even though I have a mesh one for summer.

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