16 September 2016

Frank Thomas Jacket

I was reading a Facebook post about a £1000 BMW suit that had leaked quite badly on the chest and back at the first rain of the autumn.

So I had a search through "On the Road" to see how old my Frank Thomas Jacket is. I was amazed to see the post was way back in June 2008.

My ex-wife used my profligate spending in her own counter-suit to mine of adultery....
But in reality I don't spend fortunes on gear.

I don't thing 8 years for a jacket and 16 for boots is that profligate.

Anyway. The point of dredging this up was to say that or a £99 jacket (less sale discount) is still waterproof.

Although it has faded and no longer black black it still does what it was bought to do. I am dry and generally warm wearing it and I wear it four seasons.

At the BMW price I could get 80 years of FT wear. 

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Trobairitz said...

That length of time for the jacket to still be waterproof speaks volumes about its quality.

I still have my same Rev'it jacket from 6-7 years ago as well. It is my go to jacket year round even though I have a mesh one for summer.

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