14 August 2016

New Helmet - LS2 Metro with Bluetooth Three

Managed to get out for a test ride earlier in the week.

Like most new helmets it is a little tight and as a spectacle wearer I need to be able to get the arms into it to see where I am going.

It does take a bit of jiggling about to get them in the right place. I need to check the fit with my Oakley specs as they have straight arms.

The bluetooth works well with the tomtom  and is also paired with my phone.

Luckily the power lead I have for my phone is the same as the helmet. The block takes both micro usb and what appears to be the current Apple plug. My current S5 uses micro, so that's one less cable to take with me.

The other feature is the sun visor.  My old Schuberth C2 also had one and even with sunglasses it was superb. With clear glasses it was a great addition.

We'll have to see what happens when we are away later in the week.

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