28 July 2016

Wedding of the Year - Jen & Chris

Not a celebrity wedding but my eldest niece, Jennifer,  is tying the knot down in Wales, to her long time partner Chris.  In Cardiff to be exact.

I booked us into a hotel months ago and time seems to be flying.  

The perennial "what to wear" question arises. At work I wear a logo'd polo shirt in summer and a long sleeve variant in winter, with a v-neck similarly logo'd on the chest, and jeans.  The dress code is quite lax here as long as we are clean and tidy. The whole idea of uniform.

We decided to make a weekend of it. The wedding is Friday afternoon, and so Reggie will go with us. The hotel is dog friendly so that's okay for two nights.  Jennifer's dog will be in the local kennel and so for the wedding day I booked Reggie in too. Drop him off in the morning and collect him next morning. Then we are off a few hours north to the Brecon Beacons, and area of outstanding beauty and fresh air.  

What could be simpler?

Food for Reggie?

Reggie is on a raw-food diet.  The kind we buy comes frozen in 1 kilogram packs and is "complete". No need to add veggies or biscuit.  So the dilemma is how to take food for him for about four meals?  
This will be the same but for a longer period in October when we go to France for a week and next year when we go to the Dordogne (also France) in May.

In a kind of parallel thought process,  a friend of Claire's at her work place suggested getting an electrically cooled chiller box. At the same time someone in my office said the same.  The hunt began.  One that would be okay with 12v DC from the car and 240v AC in the house and hotel. After several hours of research I bought one from eBay for delivery tomorrow for a tad of £40. It gets 4.5/5 star reviews on eBay from previous buyers.  Only one 1/5 from a guy that said his went on fire after 45 mins.... Gulp!

So that's sorted.

As a distraction it worked for a few hours, but the question remains on whaty to wear.  I do have a pair of black Farah trousers hanging in the wardrobe. I came across them as I was looking through the usually unvisited end, the left, of the cupboard space. I was getting out some shirts that I will never wear again to go in the charity bag and noticed them. This was months ago and they fit. Although it was a case of on and off in a matter of seconds.  I have shoes. I have shirts..... And I do have a jacket, although it is linen and sand coloured.

Mmmmm.   One weekend to go now.

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