27 July 2016

New Helmet - LS2 Metro with Bluetooth

For anyone that has read my "Don't Ride Angry" post will know of the events of last Saturday.  What they won't know is that what added to that sense of annoyance and frustration was that when we arrived in Hythe, I found my head was black.

Not the black you get from Grecian 2000, a men's hair dye, but from the inside of my Caberg J1S that had finally given up the ghost.  Not the tough shock absorbing liner but the nylon foam padded liner.

The foam backing had disintegrated into a lot of black grit!  The liner was dropping out as it no longer fitted and I rode back from Folkestone whilst transferring this grit into my sweaty hair and scalp.

As we had a coffee on the field at the food and drink festival, I had a look and it was beyond repair. It went in the bin when I got home.  

I then started looking for a replacement. I know it is a luxury to have more than one helmet on the go, but I am used to a few in the cupboard.  The past lame ducks (Schuberth C2) and old and past it (Nitro 700V)  went to the tip and in the crusher months ago, only to save them being picked up and used by someone else. Simply for safety reasons.

Firstly, I looked at a summer helmet. This LS2 Open Face looked good, comes with a peak and goggles. Claire didn't like it. There's a Captain America version available and even cheaper.

I then looked at maybe getting a Nolan N43 or N44 Air.  Claire has an N43E Air that came as part of the prize when I won Rosie the Scooter. They are hard to get and expensive.  

I decided that the next one should have an integrated internal sun visor and if possible Bluetooth connectivity.  The Nolan has that but tops out at over £300/$400 with both parts being bought separately. At least the helmet is designed to have the Bluetooth fitted integrally and not hanging on the side.

I then had a look at the LS2 Metro helmet.  A flip-front with integral sun visor and Bluetooth.  Priced quite competitively at £199/$260 (or so).

Good reviews and it is all plumbed in and ready to go. Plus. They sell them in matt black, the colour that I particularly wanted.

So it is ordered and was despatched today....


Trobairitz said...

I am curious to see how you like the LS2. Hubby has an Arai Profile that he has had for years but a few months ago bought an LS2 dual sport helmet and he loves it. Less than half the price of an Arai and it is his go to helmet now.

Paul Devall said...

I am hoping it will be good. It gets good reviews.

I did also look at the Shoei Neotec but at £350 plus £299 for the bluetooth kit it is way out of my league.

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